Organic Pest Control and its Crucial Benefits

Organic Pest Control and its Crucial Benefits

Oct 22, 2018, 10:15:43 PM Business

Spring is the most conducive season for pests to grow. As such, their infestation is the highest during this period. You can easily find them appearing in your gardens and homes. Now, the kind of insects can vary according to the location and the plants or bushes grown in your garden. Thus, it is a continuous battle to prevent these pests from creeping in and damaging the surrounding area.

There are numerous ways one can go about in trying to keep the insects at bay. Most, methods rely on the usage of chemical products that can harm the environment severely. This is where herbal pest control techniques come into play. They provide a much cleaner and effective solution for practising pest control.

Organic pest control

Herbal pest control is a technique of eliminating pest, insects and rodents using natural substances. It is a process of controlling and suppressing the population of various bugs and pest through the simulated increase of their enemies.

This method primarily relies on parasitism and predation, which are organic mechanisms. It is manipulating natural phenomena actively to serve your objective of eradicating insects and bugs. More importantly, herbal pest control provides numerous benefits; here are some of the reasons as to why it is better than other methods –

  • Environmental friendly

This is the primary benefit that herbal pest control provides. Environmental preservation and conservation is the main purpose to choose herbal and organic pest control methods and products.

The method uses plant or food-based substances as ingredients which give a lower ratio of greenhouse gases in comparison to other methods. This results in minimal to zero carbon print and reduces adverse effects on the surrounding environment.

  • Better long-term results

Organic products are naturally effective over the long run, unlike other chemical procedures. As the use of chemical methods and treatments are necessary after timely intervals, it will damage the soil making it toxic and restricting the growth of plants in the gardens. Moreover, prolonged exposure to these chemical products is quite harmful to the health of individuals as well.

Herbal pest control techniques are gentle and conservative towards nature. Natural products promote the growth of plants by eliminating pests, rodents and insects. More importantly, these products and techniques have no adverse effects on people’s health.

  • Pests will not be able to resist it

With time chemicals products and merchandise command reduced effectiveness. This is primarily because insects and bugs over time develop traits and characteristics to resist against these chemical substances.

This is why using herbal or organic products and methods are better. Insects, bugs, termites, etc. will less likely develop resistance against these biological or organic treatments.

Herbal pest control is extremely effective economically and it gives a cost to benefit ratio of 1:11. Moreover, products used in this method are environmentally acceptable, safe and non-polluting. There are numerous methods of organic pest control that one can opt for, such as poisoned bait, sterilisation and fumigation.


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