Relevance Of Link Building In Search Engine Ranking Today

Relevance Of Link Building In Search Engine Ranking Today

Jun 11, 2018, 8:15:28 PM Tech and Science

Earlier SEO used to be considered synonymous to link building. Search engines almost blindly ranked websites that had the highest number of back links higher as opposed to the ones with lesser link. Your link popularity decided your ranking. Yes, the equations were that simple and around it many malpractices developed. Search engines have come a long way in terms how they perceive backlinks and how they use link popularity in ranking websites today. It is important for every webmaster to ask how relevant is link building today before you hire the services of any link building company to build links for your website. Going one step further, you should also ask what will make link building relevant in today’s context. This second question will help you set the right kind of link building expectations from your agency.  
Search engines today use advanced semantics and they understand language better than they used to. So when you are on the pursuit of building your back links or improving your link popularity, your link building agency should make use of the latest organic strategies. They should stay away from all shady practices because if they do, your website will take the brunt. Once your website gets a black mark it is hard to remove it and it has been the experience of many webmasters that such black marks and its negative side effects never go away. Therefore it is essential to do things correctly right from the start. Of course link building is still relevant today. Google and the other leading search engines to a certain extent use link popularity as one of the ranking factors even today. However, not all links are treated equally.  
If you work with an experienced link building service provider they will know how to secure those back links for your website. It is vital that the back links come from contextual sources and not from random sources. Links from authority sites are considered more valuable for a website. For your link building efforts to be fruitful the latest search algorithm should be correctly understood and interpreted if not you are likely to take counterproductive efforts and it the process not only waste your time and money but also risk your website’s search engine reputation.  
Before you sign up for any link building package you should review the scheme clearly to ensure that all the links are generated through organic strategies and a lot of content based link building strategies are included as part of that package. Make mistakes here, break your online visibility. Search engines have very little tolerance against unapproved link building practices. We cannot emphasize here enough the importance of working with the most reputed agency. Hiring some random link building agency without screening their reputation and experience will do a lot of damage to your website. However, if link building is handled correctly, it can work wonders for your website in gaining exceptional visibility online.  


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