Some Jazz Gatsby Styles to Rock Your Latin Dance Dress

Some Jazz Gatsby Styles to Rock Your Latin Dance Dress

Feb 12, 2019, 10:48:15 PM Business

Isn’t the Jazz age rocking in terms of style statement? How about bringing it back and to the ballroom? Well, with the International Olympic Committee recognizing Latin and ballroom dancing as competitive sports, performing on such grand scale requires a prim and proper Latin dress.

So, how about checking out some Latin designs for your dance performance this season? In that case, here’s a list of some of the dresses that are inspired right from the Jazz period, albeit with a touch of Great Gatsby!!

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5 designs that rock this Latino look:

Design 1: Inspired by the beauty of the bird – Peacock

Peacock truly is the Queen of birds, but ever thought that a ballroom dance dress can be inspired by the same? Well, right from the age of Gatsby – this brightly hued dress especially accentuates your back, and with beads and rhinestones sewed in, the beauty of this dress is unparalleled!

Design 2: Bead it with white and gold

Nothing can beat the classic combo of white and gold when it comes to a Latin dress. With a retro touch, this includes fringe tassels and golden rhinestones to your look. Also, make sure that you add a frill or two and pair it up with diamond drops to complete the look.

Design 3: Another bird remembers you with style!

After peacock, it is the ostrich that calls for your attention with feathers as the perfect package. Featuring the style quotient of Great Gatsby, this works correctly when you attach a pair of feathers to the top and jazz it up with small chandeliers.

To style it in a different manner, add the rhinestones and trim this dress with a stretched lace to ensure that your ballroom dance dress does not match others.

Design 4: Lace and fringes in fuchsia

Fuchsia is the colour of every hour! Hence, all you have to do is – trim your long Latin dress with a silk fringe and add a dash of crystal rhinestones to it. Rather than opening the front, add a deep cut in the back with a tiara and bracelet for company.

If you wish to keep it more appealing, you can choose to pattern it on the one side in either floral or abstract format and accordingly trim it!

Design 5: Keep it gold and rocking

Gold is the colour for all seasons. Hence, you can add a layer of Latin fringe to your ballroom dress. In fact, deep cuts in the back with a back neckpiece and frontal high neck are the styles that are capturing the industry currently.

With beaded fringes sewn in specifically, dance movements will be enhanced, and you will be no less than the sparkling lady of the night.

Apart from some of these top styles in the Latin dress segment, one has options such as drapes, patterns and empire waist with feathers and furs to adorn. So, which one are you choosing for your dance programme? Just make sure that you consult a reliable designing company like Dance Dress Shop who will understand the body type and get your attire from a notable outlet.

A good dress not just helps bring out the perfect look but also enhances your dance moves.



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