The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Brief Sizes Online

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Brief Sizes Online

May 3, 2021, 7:30:59 AM Life and Styles

Choosing the right brief can be difficult and confusing, especially when you’re shopping online for men. Whether you're buying a new boxer or a new brief online, men must know how to pick their underwear carefully and accurately. 

You don't want any size issues while buying underwear online. Nobody enjoys a tight brief that makes you feel cramped up or a loose one that does not fit very well. Here is a guide to help you pick the right size.   

Take Measurements for the Right Size 

To choose underwear for men, you should know your exact size. For this, the best option is a measuring tape to take the measurements of your hips. When you know your size, you won't have to worry about the choice you make online. 

Always check the hip circumference because that helps figure the waistline. You will find it in the 'waist size' in the size guide. Whether you want a high-waisted one or a low-waisted one, you should know your hip size.

No Standardization

Always remember there are no fixed standards for the size of men's underwear. Every brand has its interpretation in terms of sizing, it's not universal at all. There are a few countries that have specific deviations. 

For example, Italian and French labels set lower size values that's why briefs from here turn out smaller than those from Germany even if they have the same size label. Despite these specifications, it's important to know your basic size as best as you can. 

Determine The Size Of The Upper And Lower Body Separately

Men have very different types of physiques. Some are skinny; some are bulky, some have a muscular upper body but more slender legs. Some have a rounder belly area but narrow shoulders. There is a lot of difference visible while buying underpants. 

Make sure you measure your body separately and not by just taking your hip measurements to know what's your exact size depending on your body type. 

Pick The Right Front Pouch Fitting Your Needs

After you figure out your waist and hip size, it is very important to figure the size of the front pouch. That's always a personal choice; some people want a perfectly fitted one while others like more spacious and breathable ones. 

These days brands have a wide range of sizes that cater to simple needs and some demanding ones. There are a lot of designs available too, with those aspects that fulfill everyone's needs. 

You should check Jack & Jones out for briefs online that have some great size preferences with many colors and designs that can help get you the perfect ones you were looking for online.  

Published by Shantanu Arora

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