Uncover Few Noteworthy Facts about Atal Nagar’s Musical Fountain!

Uncover Few Noteworthy Facts about Atal Nagar’s Musical Fountain!

Sep 20, 2018, 4:00:44 PM News

The NRDA are vigilantes when it comes to infrastructural efficiency, and that includes tourism. To make Atal Nagar develop into an ultimate Greenfield smart city, the NRDA took several steps to monitor and enhance public livelihood by improving the ambience of the town.

Therefore, in this process to transform Atal Nagar into an ecologically safe and pleasant environment for its citizens, they recently inaugurated their all-hyped musical fountain.

India’s Principled Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh inaugurated the fountain at Rajdhani Sarovar in Sector 19; situated in the poshest locality in the city, this fountain is built with an idea to glamorize Atal Nagar’s environment and to provide her citizens with a magnificent view of laser and sound show each evening.

There are several interesting facts related to this musical fountain.

 Let’s discover some of them in brief –

  1. The musical dancing fountain present in this smart city India emerges as the sixth musical fountain developed in this country.
  2. Spending cores of money, the government of Chhattisgarh chose the Ripple Company to construct and develop this project.
  3. Using German Technology, the distinctive feature of this fountain is its unique laser video shows, which is to get conducted each day for 30 minutes.
  4. This Fountain additionally cascades the serene Rajhdhani Sarovar and features a sitting arrangement supporting nearly 400 people.
  5. 35 meters in width with a height of 75 meters, this musical fountain consists of 105 fountain jets.
  6. Additionally, it features 40 3D & 2D technically controlled nozzles which can rotate at 360-degree
  7. The fountain is bordered by a 2.5 km jogging track around the reservoir with a plethora of public amenities. From few sitting areas to a kitchen, to public toilets and eateries, the fountain is the ultimate place for citizens & tourists to unwind.
  8. NRDA further promised to incorporate more than 200 water effects using state-of-the-art RGB & laser beam projectors.

This fountain presently proves a big hit in Atal Nagar. Their urban development minister in Chhattisgarh Rajesh Munat said,

“The Musical Fountain is another accomplishment by Atal Nagar as a greenfield smart city. This will enable my citizens to enjoy a new laser & video show each day, and it’ll also drag in tourists.”

Along with the Nandan Van Zoo, this fountain is the second most attractive tourist spot. Families, couples and friends are already seen lounging & enjoying the bravura laser sound show.

Few tourists have written in their reviews,

“Who knew Atal Nagar’s musical fountain could look so spectacular using LED lighting in India? We couldn’t take our eyes of its splendour. Indeed after a long day at work, the pristine ambience of the fountain helps us unwind on the lanes of Rajdhani Sarovar.”

Thus this Greenfield smart city possessing a unique LED musical fountain has indeed turned itself into a jewel. The pristine environment and excellent maintenance by the NRDA additionally is the jewel in the crown. With all these benefits and more, Atal Nagar is indeed today’s ultimate smart city India.


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