Frozen Shoulder Problems: Know How PT helps to Get Permanent Relief

Frozen Shoulder Pain

Frozen Shoulder Problems: Know How PT helps to Get Permanent Relief

May 15, 2020, 4:25:05 PM Life and Styles

Shoulder pain is the very common problem these days which seeks proper physical therapy. The phrase “ frozen shoulder” stands for stiff and painful muscle. Frozen Shoulder is also known as an adhesive capsulitis medical condition that represents shoulder’s acute pain when the upper hand muscles and joint get tightened. People with frozen shoulders generally face aching, strains and soreness condition in their upper part of arms. People can’t make proper shoulder movement and tolerate this pain into three stages:

  • The Freezing Stage
  • The Frozen Stage
  • The Thawing Stage

Causes & Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is the problem which occurs when the capsules near the shoulder muscles and joints get ticken and stiff.  It restricts proper movement and reduces flexibility. Frozen Shoulder is also considered as a symptom of diabetes which is very common in women. This is also a problem for those people who get injured badly after any serious accident or fracture.


Symptoms of this shoulder pain can be dependent on the stages stated below:

Freezing Stage:

In this stage, people are not able to make any flexible hand movements. This pain can lead the people to the problem of reducing & limiting range of motion.

Frozen Stage: 

Shoulder Muscles and joints usually become more stiff and tight in this stage of symptoms, in which shoulder movement becomes limited.

Thawing Stage:

This stage depicts improvements in the shoulder when the range of motion becomes flexible.

Effective Treatment given by PT for Frozen Shoulder

Physical therapy is the perfect solution for frozen shoulders. Experienced physical therapists focus on understanding the reason for shoulder pain symptoms and give you a permanent solution for relief. They also focus on the ability to perform normal routine cases and decide how serious your shoulder pain exactly is? PT also helps address pain and tightness of shoulder pain. 

  • Physical Therapists use Moist Heat treatment to place it on the affected parts of the shoulder in order to help loosen tight joint muscles.
  • Medical Professionals can also perform manual therapy such as stretching os the shoulder in all direction 
  • Body Mobilisation and joint mobility techniques are used by PT to help you shoulder capsule to control stiffness and make hand movement better.
  • The therapist can provide different exercises that allow patients to stretch their shoulders using pulleys and dowel stick exercises.
  • Physical therapies are applied in a specific mode that help to improve mobility, strengthening exercises and treatment are used to restore body strength. Blood circulation gets improved which helps you to increase flexibility so that you can make hand movements perfectly.
  • PTs monitor your health condition according to the nature of your shoulder pain, fortunately, they automate higher risk and problem of your shoulder injury and always try to decrease risks.
  • PTs give proper consultation and set individual treatment plans to give you effective suggestions to reduce stiffness of your body. Professional clinicians and medical advisors help you by offering you a quality of life and giving your good and effective shoulder movement practices.
  • Experienced PTs perform their job and duties very well and provide effective treatment and diagnostic tests to determine complexities and use manual therapies for permanent relief.

Frozen Shoulder can be easily reduced with the help of experienced physical therapists. So, Don’t let your shoulder pain make you cry and limit your physical abilities. Always try to take prior consultation from your doctor. Prominent and experienced physical therapists alway keep your satisfaction level by suggesting effective and modern physical techniques and help you to start your normal life once again. 

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