How Is Ready Mix Concrete Beneficial In The Long Run?


How Is Ready Mix Concrete Beneficial In The Long Run?

Dec 21, 2017, 3:24:47 PM Business

Ready-mix concrete or RMC is majorly preferred as it contains quality stuff at a huge volume. It also reduces the confusion that commonly occurs among the workers. This creates a win-win situation for everyone. It is not advised to use the pre-determined mixture as it decreases the flexibility in supply chain and also in the actual concrete constituents.

The main purpose of Ready mix concrete is to make available the custom-made product to the construction site of the customer. These are generally freshly mixed in the unhardened state.

The main ingredients of Ready Mix Concrete are portland cement, sand, crushed stones and water. In the conventional work sites, each component is obtained separately. They are then mixed together in specific proportions at the construction site in order to prepare concrete.

With the advent of the ready mix concrete, the circumstances have changed and they are often prepared and sold in huge volumes.

Advantages of the Ready Mix Concrete

The advantages of RMC are mentioned below.

  • It helps in the speedy construction process of the structures. 
  • It aids in decreasing the site supervision and labor cost.
  • The quality gets better and consistent as the ratio of water and sand aggregates are monitored with the help of a computer. This way accuracy in mixing the components is maintained.
  • Since the mix is produced in bulk, the cement wastage gets reduced. 
  • The best part is that the entire process of production of RMC is pollution free. Therefore, it keeps the environment clean.
  • This not only saves time but also efforts.
  • Adequate use of raw material is made. This saves the natural resources from getting wasted.
  • The correct mix of the components in RMC turns it durable. This makes way for better service life which eventually helps in saving the life cycle cost easily.
  • As the labor dependency is reduced, the chances to face human errors becomes low. This increases the efficiency of the entire work.
  • Since, the mixture is custom made, issues related to the storage of materials like cement, fine and coarse aggregate, water and other mixture is removed. 

How Ready Mix Concrete is prepared!

The chemicals and components which are used to prepare RMC are cement, sand, water, aggregates and others. These are then measured according to the desired mass and then they are batched. This is done in a batching plants solely for this purpose. RMC is then send to the construction site. This mixture can be used easily without any further treatment process.

These plants make it sure that the raw materials which are used here are of premium quality. Proper tests are conducted for this. There is a laboratory attached to the plant where the physical properties of the ingredients are analyzed. It is made sure that the international standard protocols are maintained here properly. 

The moisture in the concrete is well studied so that the amount of water content in the mixture can be known. This is an important procedure because in the future the portion of water to be added to the mixture can be easily determined. 

These plants also produce some trial and tested mixtures so that the concrete batches that are obtained here can meet the standards and also the requirements of the client. The satisfaction of the client is the aim at the end. 

Everybody must know how useful this ready mix concrete is! The expert builders all around the globe prefer this. Also, the reputed companies which offer such a service have shown their presence online. It is therefore easy to make use of their services easily. 

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