Relieve all your Stress Under this Pandemic with These 7 Simple Steps


Relieve all your Stress Under this Pandemic with These 7 Simple Steps

May 18, 2020, 5:20:37 PM Life and Styles

Currently, we all are fighting with this great pandemic of COVID-19 and the situation is tough. It is affecting each one of us differently. We all are managing several things in this difficult situation such as managing work from home, online classes for children, and a lot more. Under this pandemic, you might be stuck with stress.  

We all know that the situation is temporary. But one unanswered question is - how to conquer this stress? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with 6 easy steps to get stable mental health and relieve stress. 


We all know the incredible benefits of exercise. It helps you in reducing stress and making your mind stable. Performing regular exercise for 30 minutes every day will help you to stay away from stress. With regular exercise, your body releases endorphins which will help you in clearing your mind and keep you fresh the whole day. You can perform strength training, aerobic exercises, and a lot more to get better benefits. 

Better Sleep 

Lack of sleep is also a cause of stress. Giving yourself proper sleep and rest will help you in boosting relaxation in the body. Make sure you reduce the intake of caffeine, perform efficient exercise every day, turn off the screen early. All these activities help you in getting the perfect sleep at night. Also, instead of watching the news, spend your time more on books and other useful things to stay positive. 

Take deep breaths

Yes, you might be thinking that how will this exercise help me in reducing stress. But until you try it you will not realize the effectiveness of this incredible exercise. It will only take 5 minutes of your day and offer you some amazing benefits. Let’s see how you can perform this exercise. 

So, put your feet flat on the floor and sit straight in a chair. Keep your hands on top of your knees. Now inhale and exhale slowly and deeply. Deep breathing exercises will help you to center your body and clear your mind. Ignore shallow breathing otherwise, it will increase your stress. 

Connect with your family member 

To combat your stress, the best thing you require is support or positivity from your friends or family. So, try connecting with them through facetime, video call, or any other online medium and talk to them. Spending time with your family or friends during this pandemic will help you boost positivity and release your stress. 

Eat Right and Healthy  

Get free from your stress by eating the healthy and the right food. Eat more fruits and vegetables that will give you minerals, vitamins, and fiber so that you can protect yourself from various diseases and relieve your stress. Also, ignore eating heavy sugar and fatty food to keep yourself healthy. Eat food that contains omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the symptoms of stress efficiently. Fish contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids. You can also go for fish oil tablets. 

Chill out with music 

As it quoted - Music is a great healer.

Yes, it is true. 

Listen to calm and soothing music and you will feel like heaven. Music offers positive effects on our body and mind. It helps in reducing cortisol, a hormone linked to stress. Under stress, your body might feel tight and stiff, through music your body gets relaxation and freedom. There are various mental health clinics, who use music therapy to heal anxiety and other problems. 


I am sure you had never thought of dancing as a stress-relieving therapy, but believe me dancing has both physical and mental benefits. When you dance, it increases levels of serotonin and offers you happiness which is very important to release stress. Just dance like no one is watching and it will help you in reducing your stress during this pandemic. 

Wrapping Up

We understand that the pandemic of COVID-19 is bringing very tough challenges to everyone globally. The best we can do in this situation is to stay positive and help the community. We hope that the above discussed 7 easy steps of relieving your stress under this pandemic will help you. Make sure you keep focus more on positivity and inside home activities to relieve your stress faster. 

Still, confused about how to overcome your stress? If yes then we at Equilibrium offer online video appointments for Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, and kinesiology to give you professional solutions under this hard pandemic period. 

Published by Rozy Andrew

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