The importance of pre and post-surgical rehabilitation

post surgical therapy
Some of the most common orthopedic surgeries widely performed are hip and knee replacement surgeries alongwith certain other types of surgical procedures for correction of a joint or muscle. Physical therapy plays an important role in preparing the body for the correction, enhancing the recovery process as well as making it possible to return to full strength as quickly as possible following the surgical procedure. Physical therapist and surgeons recommend this practce so as to prepare not only the body but also the mind to comprehend the changes that will occur. A composed mindset is a powerful tool that will help the patient overcome the dreary and weak phases both before and after the procedure. So opting for pre or post-surgical rehabilitation can make the whole process of surgery and its is complications a lot smoother since the body is bracing itself for the upcoming changes.
Seek advice from a physical therapist to make an informed decision
Surgery can be a traumatic experience and nobody should get it done just for the sake of following the motions. When you decide to get a surgical correction for any tendon or muscle in yur body you should ensure that you take all the necessary steps in order to make the operation hundred percent fruitful or efficient. Usually a physical therapist would recommend these kind of rehabs for surgeries that involve shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, foot or neck injuries. Getting assistance before the date of the surgery helps rebuild certain strength in the muscles and the post-operative rehab helps improve the range of motion and reduce the amount of pain that the body has to experience. Several studies suggest that patients who opt to procure such forms of rehabilitation gain full recovery as compared to those who vote against it.
Benefits of pre-surgical rehabilitation
A pre-surfical physiotherapy rehab program is an exercise-based program which is custom designed by a physiotherapist for individuals who are about to undergo major surgery in the near future. It’s sole purpose is to improve surgery outcomes, strengthen patient’s body and mind, and reduce the post-operative recovery time. Getting into this rehab program can help the patients to get over the largely sedentary life after surger and avoid the the muscle to atrophy. It also helps to improve the muscular control of the injured joint and normalize the movement patterns before the surgical procedure. The pre-surgical rehab also proves beneficial as it educated you about the exercises that are included in the post-op physiotherapy stage. 
Benefits of post-surgical rehabilitation
It is said that the sooner you begin with the post-surgical physical rehabilitation, the greater the impact it will have on your recovery. As a woke patient, talk to your surgeon and physical therapist and set up the sessions accordingly to maximize improvement. Once the wound of the surgical site has healed and the body is ready to heal the actual torn tissue, muscle or joint you should begin your program so that they do not recover into stiff parts. This also avoids the build up of scar tissue which can hinder the patient’s range of motion n the long run. Another side effect of lethagric post-operative care is atrophied muscles that limit the amount of confort and strength at the surgical site.
In conclusion, these rehab techniques act as a saviour from discomfort in the long run
These therapies re implemented with a mix of massage therapy, hot and cold therapies nd ange of motion or motility training. The physical therapists pinot only prepared your body for surgeries but also enhances the overall being by customizing a treatment plan that takes care of your recovery and improvement through successive sessions and rehabilitation programs.

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