Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Physical Therapy Appointment

Apr 14, 2020, 3:33:30 PM Life and Styles

When you’re suffering from any injury or pain, the first step you do is to go for homemade remedies and it will work as a magic to heal your mild injuries. But what if the injury is serious and affecting your daily life? This is where physical therapy comes in. 

Whether you face difficulties in functional mobility or need instant relief from your injuries, physical therapy always helps you with focused treatment so that you get better outcomes. Providing the whole natural treatment procedure and exercises so that you get back to your life instantly. 

In your first session, you will go undergo the initial evaluation with your physical therapist. Here, the therapist will learn about your condition and also analyze how this condition is affecting your overall life. By keeping this analysis and learning in mind, the therapists will design a professional and effective treatment plan for you so that you get better relief. So, here you understand how a physical therapy evaluation works. Let’s understand in detail from hiring professional physical therapists to what to keep in mind while visiting it for the first time. 

How to find a good physical therapist

Normally, in various cases, the doctor will directly recommend you to a therapist. So, whenever he feels you need it, you can easily ask your doctor or family friend or any other reference to get a professional physical therapist. 

Many states in the U.S allow you to direct access to a PT. If you are living in such states then you can directly appoint a physical therapist without your doctor’s referral. Make sure you confirm the laws of your state by calling your family doctor or any physical therapists in the city. 

Booking your “Initial Evaluation”

The first and foremost rule when you call to set up your first evaluation with the therapists is “To ask them all the doubts you have related to your first appointment”. Share everything from what drugs you’re taking to what treatment you had gone through in the past. 

Ask them everything from the procedure to the overall cost. Make sure you won’t forget to ask them, whether they accept your insurance or not. Always demand an email copy of all the services they provide and the cost structure. 

Preparing for Your First Visit 

Before going for your first visit to the PT Clinic, the first step that you need to do is to note down all the information/facts about the history of your problem. Still, you’re confused about what to include? Then look at these questionnaires,

  • When and how the problem occurred?
  • How was your functional mobility before the injury and after the injury?
  • How often do the symptoms reappear?
  • What are the things that made it better or worse?

Answer these questions and you’re half away from your relief point. Your PT will ask you some questions related to your injury and problems. Don’t forget to bring all the list of medications and any surgeries or procedures that you have gone through in the past to get the finest treatment plan for instant relief. 

What to wear

To make the treatment/evaluation process effective make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable enough that will help the therapist to check the injured part efficiently. Wear clothes according to your pain or injury, if you’re suffering from hip, knee or ankle pain then go for shorts to get the finest benefits. 

You can visit the official website of your physical therapy or call them to know about what you should wear at the first evaluation session

Examination and Treatment Plan

After the physical therapist performs the evaluation, the next step they will jump to is Examination. Your PT will examine by giving you proper instruction to perform it effectively. Once the examination is over, your therapist is all set to give you the finest treatment plan that will give you the finest outcomes. 

Make sure you go for a professional therapy solution that contains physical therapists and other experts in their team such as a dietician, occupational therapists, orthopedic therapist whenever required. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want good health or want to heal your present condition then you and your physical therapist should work in a therapeutic alliance. Your physical therapist needs to understand all the aspects and provide you with the best solution so that you get better results. We hope that the above-discussed information about your first appointment will help you in getting a lot of out. 

Looking for a professional and expert team of a physical therapist? If yes then  Kerrville Physical Therapy is here to provide you with the finest and individualized therapy solution. 

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