Beyond Sight

Beyond Sight

Do you remember the lights, the cars whizzing by. I took your hand and we strolled through the city streets late into the night...

The whole word was our fingers intertwined, I can still remember how beautiful you looked that night, your smile enveloped me…swallowed me whole. There in that moment there was no existence beyond us.

But remembering is becoming harder now…images become fuzzier and the faces soon lose their voices and even those eventually blur to nothing. I hold onto what I can, with all I can…if I lose your face I’ll lose myself and then this life of mine will be as useless as it is empty, without you. I was told that dwelling on the past was not healthy…but what does it matter, without you my life has been a sickness, my body a cancer, my soul a warped deformed shadow of it's former self.

But the worst part is the suffocating darkness…it came back slowly, creeping around the edges. It greeted me like an old friend. Unsure at first….. time had made us strangers but as it stayed with me it felt more welcome. It reached further until there was no more to reach for…it was everything.

I was born blind but as long as I was with you I could see for sight went beyond the physical.


By Michael Rumbi.

Published by Rozzi Writes

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