All the Secrets About Dot Peen Marking

All the Secrets About Dot Peen Marking

Jun 18, 2019, 4:31:20 PM Business

A dot peen marking machine is used to create logos, texts or digits on the surface of products that are conceived and realized to be sold. This is possible thanks to a succession of dots: each dot is rendered by a magnet that is punched toward the surface that has to be modified due to a pulsed corrent running through a solenoid. The stylus then comes back in its original position and then repeats the same action with the following pulse. 

The dot peen marking technology is useful for 2D data matrix codes, too: the process is really fast since just a fraction of a second is needed for each pulse: that is to say that in a few seconds a 2D data matrix code can be created. As you can imagine, the amount of time that is required depends also on the size of the surface.

A pinmark can be handled with a software that has a lot of parameters: this is useful in order to customize all the features and realize codes, texts, and serial numbers, but also - for example - geometric figures. Formats that can be obtained are a lot so that the best personalization can be achieved. A dot peen engraver, moreover, is utilized when the object is represented by a particular type of pin marker.

Dot peen marking has really changed the world of manufacturers and their way of working, since automation can guarantee a consistent saving of money. The speed of Y axes movements and of X axes movements can be changed and controlled depending on the work that has to be achieved, in order to adjust the frequency.

Precision is the main characteristic of a dot peen marker, which is able to ensure a high-speed accuracy and can be used with many kinds of materials.
With an Automator pinmark, for example, it is possible to intervene in metals and burnished metals, but also on cardboard and aluminum (you can add a real barcode!) Anyway, the variety of materials on which dot peen marking can be used is much longer, since it includes alloys, wood, ceramics, silicon, hard plastics, and glass, too.

This kind of technology is required in many industries, such as the aerospace one. Anyway, dot peen marking systems are useful also in agricultural machinery and in the transportation industry. There are also portable solutions that prove to be important in environments that need versatility and, most of all, maneuverability.

This a real opportunity to take control of their product. It is possible to verify if the product is legitimate and this can feed back into the system. The system could then know that the product has received their mark and you can prevent fake product and preserv the quality of you job.


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