Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Synthetic Grass Lawns

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Synthetic Grass Lawns

Jan 7, 2020, 8:08:56 PM Opinion

You can eliminate the need for reseeding, watering and mowing the lawn on a timely basis by installing artificial grass. Apart from time, installing artificial turf in your lawns can also help you save a lot of money in the long run. Though it is an upfront investment, it gives better ROI, provided you are taking better care of it by cleaning and maintaining. It is true that the synthetic grass lawn needs a lot less care and maintenance as compared to natural grass. However, grooming it on a regular basis will not only help extend its life but also keep it looking as natural as possible.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining your synthetic grass lawn

Removal of stains

You can rinse the artificial grass with water as and when you want to get rid of dust, debris, and other hard stains. There is no harm in using a mild detergent to clean dirty spots and then hose down the synthetic turf with water. Without fail, you should clean up spills quickly. It is among the bests way to ensure that dirt and spills will not leave a long-lasting, stubborn stain. Heavier and stronger stains like those from motor oils, petrol, grease, sunscreen, and grease can be removed by using mineral spirits. If your stain needs a stronger stain removal aid, use a 3% solution of ammonia in water instead of the regular household detergent. Make a timetable to Clean, Rinse, Brush, Repeat your artificial garden and you are all set to enjoy its long lifecycle. 

Removal of pet waste

We love pets and pets love green surfaces. They love roaming on the grass and sleeping over the lawn. However well-trained your pets are, you need at least a few minutes for pet waste removal. If you want to remove pet waste from your synthetic grass lawn, you must constantly clean and rinse your artificial grass - it is easy and simple.  Most stains that fall upon artificial grass are removable with water and liquid detergents. Also, if pet urine or excrement is making your turf lawn smell, clean the area with an enzyme cleaner.

Regular brushing

In order to maintain the natural look and beauty of your synthetic grass lawn, brush them regularly. The frequency and regularity of brushing your artificial lawn must be in accordance with the amount of ‘traffic’ it gets. It will keep the fibers upright for a longer time, and as a result, enhance the natural look of your lawn.

Care in winter snow

Wintry conditions such as snow and frost don't cause problems to your synthetic grass lawn. However, as with any outdoor surface, due care should be taken if ice has formed in the winter. Just in case, your artificial turf lawn receives a light dusting of snow, simply allow it to melt naturally. If you need it quickly, you can pour warm or lukewarm water on the snow. If temperatures are below freezing, you can put several old cleaning towels or rags in the dryer and heat them up, then place them on the snow. It is a relief that artificial grass, when wet, isn’t slippery. Even after a downpour of rain, the artificial lawn will not remain wet for long. 

Avoid contact with hot materials

Normally, surface temperatures of synthetic grass are about 20-50° F higher than that of natural grass. So avoid its contact with hot materials to prevent its damage. You should always avoid placing hot or flaming objects on your artificial lawn. Avoid usage of BBQs, fire pits, grills, and patio heaters on your synthetic grass lawn to prevent melting the grass material.
Closing thoughts - Maintain and clean today for fresh and green future

Keep flammable like matchboxes, fireworks, and cigarettes off artificial turf. Also, do not use strong chemicals near the turf lawn. In addition, furniture with sharp edges should not be placed on the turf as they may puncture or tear the Artificial Grass. A little care, cleaning, and maintenance of synthetic grass makes your lawn much safer for children and pets. Do the things that are right for your turf and it is all safe and sure to look amazing and natural for years to come!


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