Enjoy Your New Car, Shift the EMIs

Enjoy Your New Car, Shift the EMIs

Jul 13, 2017, 6:50:57 PM Business

An EMI loan can be that looming obstacle that prevents many from taking the step of buying a new car. Even if you have gone ahead and got yourself a swanky new car, the added payments can make you compromise your regular lifestyles. 

Fewer nights out and reduced vacation time are not necessary just because you have a new car to pay for. Once bought, your car is a depreciating asset, but with a prudent utilisation of the time when you are not driving it, you can soften the financial blows. Become part of the Zoomcar Associate Program, an initiative that lets you share your car on the Zoomcar platform and earn back its costs. With multiple assurances and convenient technology aiding this shared model, you can have your car making you lots of money whenever you are not driving it. 

Get Good Deals on New Cars

Why buy a car on your own when you can do it with Zoomcar? As part of ZAP, you can also take advantage of Zoomcar’s great dynamics with car companies and loan providers for the best deals. Get good prices with top car makers like Ford, Hyundai, Mahindra, Tata and Maruti. Find yourself a good car loan via Zoomcar’s national network of providers. With this initiative, you can start saving before you have even listed your car.

Start with ZAP

The main compliance requirement for listing on Zoomcar’s platform is a commercial vehicle registration. Register under Zoomcar’s name so that you get full protection from any liabilities that occur when the car is being listed. This way you can sit back and count your money without any worries about your car.

Technology Drives ZAP

Transparency and tech are the core drivers of Zoomcar services. You can list your car on the Zoomcar platform via the app, and there is no requirement for any interaction with the customer. You can use 24/7 GPS tracking to track your car’s location when it is on the road with Zoomcar. One of the prerequisites for listing on Zoomcar includes installing your car with Cadabra, a proprietary analytical platform that checks different areas of your car performance. This state of the art technology collects real-time data and updates you on the different car functions, engine health and fuel consumption, thereby giving you complete insights for preventive maintenance. Cadabra will help you reduce costs of repairs and keep your car in top shape. The billing process is also very transparent, and you will know exactly what you are getting paid for. Downtime protection and a minimum monthly payout are some of the guarantees of ZAP.

Share the Profits with ZAP

Founded by David Back and Greg Morgan, Zoomcar is a game-changing car rental service that has a presence in more than 20 cities. With the ZAP initiative, this tech driven company is adding a peer-to-peer dimension to its growing business. You can benefit as a ZAPster, earn the precious extra income and pay off your EMI for car loan without compromises to your lifestyle.

Published by Ruby Daub

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