Hiring Funktion One Speakers For Your Next Event

Hiring Funktion One Speakers For Your Next Event

Feb 9, 2018, 12:30:00 AM Entertainment

When you’re organising an event it’s important to get the sound system right for the space, and the number of people attending. A PA system for a rally involving multiple speakers would not be the right equipment to provide the music for a small garden party. That’s  why it’s important to choose a sound engineering company who offer reliable equipment such as Funktion-One speakers and mixers.

Expert Advice

Most people aren’t experts in sound system design and installation. You look for an expert to give you  advice on the equipment you need to hire to do the job you want done. An expert will know the difference between a tri-concentric stage wedge and a double infra horn so you don’t have to. Although they will be more than happy to explain it if you really want them to.


Some of the best known audio equipment out there are the British Funktion-One Speakers. Established twenty years ago, they offer some of the most flexible and innovative sound stages in the industry. And no wonder given the impressive pedigree of the founders  - Tony Andrews and John Newsham -  who were responsible for the Turbosound brand in the 70s.

Funktion-One have a solution for pretty much any (audio) problem. The trick, and the reason you need an expert, is narrowing down the choice to find the perfect solution.

Festivals with Funktion-One EVO 7T

If you really want to knock their socks off (and into the middle of next week) then look for the latest Funktion-One EVO 7T system. The EVO6 has been a staple of noise production since it was released and can be paired with F121s or, if there are no noise restrictions, F132s. The EVO 7T looks set to take on the mantle of providing impressive definition and impressive power in a reliable and easy to rig format. And if you just happened to be at Glastonbury in 2017 you will have heard for yourself the quality of this set as it powered the Glade stage.

Indoor Parties

For smaller gatherings a field filling system like the EVO 7T is overkill. Ask about the Funktion One SB210A powered bass bin, perhaps paired with F101 speakers which offers an all-in-one system suitable for use in smaller environments.

For parties that demand a DJ then the PSM18 Wedge Monitor paired with a BR118 will probably be more than adequate or perhaps the PSM318 for the more discerning (or demanding) DJ.

Tailored Solutions

When talking to your audio providers it is important to listen to the information they are looking for. If you buy a high street suit you only specify one or two measurements about yourself and hope that it does the job.  Just like a tailor takes several measurements a top-notch sound engineer will want to know everything they can about where the equipment will be located and what it will be amplifying so that they can offer you a truly bespoke setup that will bring your event to life.

While you’re at it you can ask your potential supplier if they are able to give you a rendering of how the stage or room will look once rigging of the equipment is complete. This will allow you to make other arrangements knowing exactly how much space you will need to allow for the sound equipment.

Also check that your hire company have adequate public liability insurance and can, if necessary,  provide risk assessments, PAT certificates for the equipment and method statements.

Finally, sit back and enjoy your event knowing that by choosing a quality supplier of first-rate equipment there’s very little that can go wrong. At least with the amplification!


Published by Ruby Daub

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