How to Make Sure You Succeed in An Interview

How to Make Sure You Succeed in An Interview

Apr 8, 2020, 8:14:42 PM Opinion

Interviews can be a gruelling process. Not only do you have the pressure of performing well yourself, but there is also the added pressure of knowing many other people are competing against you to get the role. Luckily, there are things you can do to make sure recruitment agencies like Agile Recruit will see you as a great candidate.

Consider First Impressions

Everybody knows that first impressions often last a lifetime. If you set a bad first impression at your interview, it will be tough to pull it back and get the interviewer to see you as employable. As there will be many others going for your desired role, it is essential to stand out straight away. Here are a few ways in which you can make sure you set a great first impression:

  • Make sure that you arrive at least 10 minutes early. To guarantee that you get there early, plan out your route beforehand and maybe even do a trial run –this allows you to find an alternative way if your journey takes longer than you assumed. When you get to the interview, be proactive by using the minutes, you have to weigh up the building’s dynamics. Arriving at your interview early will highlight your proactive attitude to the interviewer.
  • Make sure your outfit is suited to the role that you are going for. Research the company before your interview and find out what clothing is appropriate in their workplace. If you are going through a recruiter before your interview day, ask them about the workplace’s dress code and base your outfit off what they say.
  • Take care of minor details. You could be wearing a fantastic suit, but if there is a little hole in your trouser leg, the interviewer may remember that little thing over your entire outfit. Make sure to clean your teeth, shine your shoes, check your gear for holes and stains, and remove any loose hairs. Make sure there is nothing negative for the interviewer to focus on.

Ask Questions

Although the interviewer will be the one asking most of the questions, you must prepare questions yourself to ask them. Showing the incentive to ask questions implies that you care about the job and have a proactive attitude. Interviews are a two-way street – having questions yourself gives the two of you a platform to engage in an in-depth conversation from which you can both learn lots about each other. Some great questions to ask in your interview are:

  • If I was to be hired, what methods would be used to assess my performance?
  • What day to day tasks are entailed in this role?
  • What qualities make a candidate perfect for this job?
  • What sort of challenges would I have to tackle if I was given the job?
  • Does the team interact with different departments and how often?

Bring the Right Thing

Just turning up to the interview isn’t usually enough. Generally speaking, you must bring multiple things to the interview with you. If the interviewer sees you carrying several documents with you, they will see you as a well-prepared candidate who has given the interview some thought. You should plan ahead and set aside some time to gather the following items for your interview:

  • Bring several copies of your CV. Although the hiring manager will have already read through your CV, they may not have given it a thorough read – and the interviewer may be a different person to the hiring manager.
  • Bring paper and a pen. It is important to take notes in your interview as it shows you are engaged. Taking notes on your smartphone may not be appreciated by some interviewers.
  • A list of your pre-set questions written down on a piece of paper.
  • A bag or binder containing all your documents. Make sure your documents are organised in a way that suits both you and the corporate culture.

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