Importance of Effective Content Creation

 Content Creation

Importance of Effective Content Creation

Feb 27, 2018, 11:14:47 PM Business

Content creation is one of the most important aspects of building a commanding internet presence. Building up a library of relevant, insightful and engaging content delivers many benefits but needs to be managed properly to deliver maximum benefit.

What Do We Mean By Content?
Usually 'content' refers to written pieces. They can be blogs, press releases, case studies, product descriptions, copy on a website - any form of article. The term content is often extended to include audio and video these days, but for the purpose of this article, we'll be sticking to written content.
What Can Content Do On Your Website?

Content is an important part of search engine optimisation (SEO), the process of moving your site up in the search results for your chosen keyword phrases.

Regular addition of content to your website tells Google that your site is active and therefore more valuable, which contributes towards your search engine ranking. As you build blogs, articles and product or service information, internal links between your pages will allow Google to build up a map of your content and consider it a useful source of information.

Reference the keywords you are targeting in your content, but only where they would occur naturally. The days are long gone where you can fool Google by stuffing your articles full of keywords - Google will detect it and penalise your site.

Writing Off-Site

Putting blogs, articles and cases studies on other websites, with links back to your own website, will also enhance Google's idea of your reputation, as long as those sites also have a good reputation.

Another device long consigned to the dirty tricks wastepaper basket is the selling of thousands of links from dodgy websites back to your own. Link building is still done but it has to be above board and built up slowly to take effect.

The sites you post on need to be relevant as well. If you sell scientific instruments, then an article on the website of a respected scientific journal would be good, a post on a farming website less so, no matter how highly regarded it is.

Enhance Your Reputation

Writing for other sites also helps to spread the word among real readers too. You can establish yourself as a thought leader and enhance your brand with well-written posts in the right tone of voice that are engaging and deliver useful insights.

Writing articles for your own site and others also gives you food for the essential social media mill. Every time you publish a new piece of content it gives you something to post on social media and feature in email newsletters.

Are you writing for Google or people?

We've touched on this throughout this article - who is your audience? The answer has to be people first, Google second.

Google's semantic analysis has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and now if you write content that's good for people, then Google will recognise it too. If you try to write for Google you'll put human readers off and it is they who will buy your products and services, not Google.

Care must be taken not to duplicate content too. It is possible to post articles in more than one place but it has to be done in a certain way, otherwise, Google will penalise you for copying.

Content Management

This might all sound a bit daunting. There's no doubt that building up a tranche of content that enhances your search engine positioning and personal reputation will take time, thought and planning. Develop a good content management programme with a publishing calendar to track what's being written and where it needs to go.

If it feels like you could do with expert assistance then there are companies that will help out.

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