Understanding The Wide Popularity Of Pocket Bikes

Understanding The Wide Popularity Of Pocket Bikes

Jun 18, 2019, 4:35:35 PM Opinion
Pocket Bikes are one of the most discussed types of bikes and all for the right reasons. These miniature machines usually are 3/4th scaled down versions of their original counterparts. On the contrast to what you might think, pocket bikes are equally popular among riders of all generations.
In general observation, pocket bikes in news are not at all a good thing. More than often, the news is about how a minibike rider was fatally injured, the local police taking actions against pocket bike riders on the road, etc. Now there are other complications such as a rider avoiding traffic rules or a rider driving street illegal pocket bike on the road, etc. but most of these explanations disappear in the process.
Pocket bikes are fun to ride. What most people forget is that pocket bikes just look different from normal bikes but the rules stay the same! The rider should always be wearing safety gear and should follow the traffic rules when riding. 
From The Doodle Bug Scooter
The concept of pocket bikes started from the Doodle Bug Scooter of 1946-48. To compete with newly released Cushman scooters, the Beam Manufacturing Company in the Webster City came up with Doodle Bug Scooter. This compact scooter has small wheels and, little did anyone know that this will lead to one of the popular categories - Pocket bikes.
There are many reasons why pocket bikes are as popular as they are today. Some of them are mentioned below.
The Passion Explorer
How have the pocket bikes earned this?
Many professional bikes, today, agree to have discovered their passion for riding bikes through Pocket Bikes are definitely being used to introduce bike riding among kids. Parents use pocket bikes to prepare their kids for their license when they come of age.
For instance, Valentino Rossi agreed to discover his passion for riding through riding pocket bikes when he was a kid. Choose pocket bikes for kids for your child today!
The Most Popular Adrenaline Rush
Riding bikes is known to give an adrenaline rush. But what’s different in Pocket Bikes?
Pocket Bikes are compactly packed and have lower seat heights. This means even at speed of 35 - 40 mph you will feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins. This popular adrenaline rush is one of the few reasons why pocket bikes are popular among riders of all generations.
The Wide Variety
Pocket bikes and related bikes are a wide category. You can choose the one that suits your needs. For instance, there are kids electric ride-on toys for 3-6 year olds. There are electric minibikes or ATVs that can help your child get the hang of riding bikes.
This wide variety of pocket bikes has contributed to its popularity to a great extent. You can promote your teenage kids’ ride to dirt bikes and other such adventurous when you think he/she is ready.
Pocketbike Racing
On one hand, pocket bikes are being close scrutiny of the law and on the other, there are independent racing events organized for minibikes.
Pocketbike Racing events and online videos are important reasons for its popularity. These events are open to everyone, even kids!
The street legality of pocket bikes is quite subjective. As there are no particular guidelines, manufacturers exploit it by skipping accessories like headlights, horns, turn lights, etc. This makes a few of these bikes street illegal. There are still online stores where you can find cheap dirt bikes for kids and street legal superbikes. You can also contact your local DMV about the legality of your pocket bike.
There are many such reasons that justify the popularity of pocket bikes. The passion for riding bikes has brought these pocket bikes to what they are today. Make sure to buy your pocket bike from a reputed online store to avoid any conflict of boundaries where driving your minibike is legal.

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