Why Everyone Including the Poor Should Donate To Charity

Why Everyone Including the Poor Should Donate To Charity

Jun 26, 2019, 2:09:07 PM Opinion

Poverty and high cost of living are a lingering problem in Israeli today. Even the middle-class population struggles to make ends meet. The people hardest hit by poverty are Arab and Jewish families who account for over 20% and 75% of the population respectively. There are also the survivors of the Second World War who still live in concentration camps. The government can barely provide enough to cater for their basic needs.
At the center of the poverty situation, are children who need a regular supply of nutritious food. Without proper nutrition, children develop poor physical and mental health. Children also need education and healthcare. That said, everyone needs to donate to a charity such as yadezra.net. Yazedra caters for the wholesome needs of those who need it the most. Below are the reasons why even the poor need to spare some money for charity. 

Every penny, no matter how small,  is helpful

You should not feel like you cannot give just because you do not have $1000.  Even a donation of a few dollars is enough to provide a child with a meal for several days. Your contribution could be the reason why someone else will stay alive one more day. Whenever you have some coins to spare, always think about a family out there that lacks the basics of life. Whatever you have to give is worth it, so let giving be part of your budget. 

Helping the needy gives you happiness and is a source of blessing

Many benefits come with giving. First, there is the happiness and fulfilment that come with giving.  Secondly, when you help someone else, you develop a sense of purpose. It helps to know that you have alleviated someone else’s suffering even in a small way. Thirdly, you develop the all so important virtues of generosity and empathy. Last but not least, you attract blessing. As they say, it is better to give than to receive, and nothing could be closer to the truth. 

Donating helps end the vicious cycle of poverty

Donations usually go toward providing food and additional services, including healthcare and educational training. Lack of proper and regular nutrition causes diseases. When people are sick, their productivity decreases. 
The needy should also have access to proper healthcare. Children need vaccination from diseases such as polio that could lead to permanent disabilities and cause dependency. Moreover, educating children will help them gain skills which they can use to generate income. In these ways, your donations can help end the cycle of poverty.

When you give, you motivate others to give

When you give you motivate those around you, including your children, to become generous. As a result, more people will join the fight against poverty. It is crucial that as many people involve themselves in giving because poverty is an issue that a few individuals cannot address adequately. Entire families, villages, communities, and nations should join in. 
Regardless of the prevailing financial and economic situation, give. As you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you get to reap the fruits of your generosity. 


Published by Ruby Daub

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