10 Small Business Apps You Must Have In Your Smartphone

10 Small Business Apps You Must Have In Your Smartphone

Oct 16, 2018, 9:02:48 PM Business

Being a small business owner, you often have to wear multiple hats. One day you are writing content for your website, on the other day, you are pitching client for your latest product. With your hands and mind at so many places at once, productivity is something you can’t dare to ignore. As an SMB owner you must learn the art of task organizing to save your precious time and resources. And some apps are designed to do exactly that!

Just like in all other fields, there are some business apps too. These apps help you streamline your regular tasks so that you can focus on what is the best dealt by you. But it is quite common to become overwhelmed by this sea of apps. Most of us often get confused on which one is worthy of our time and thus end up having none.

In such case, having a list that includes your top tasks and the apps to do it can really make your day. The following infographic by Swifttechbuy.com is designed by keeping your SMB needs in minds. The infographic highlights top 10 apps that every small business owners should start using today:

1. Dashlane: With so many accounts, forgetting and resetting passwords is one of the tasks we often find ourselves repeating. Why don’t we have a better option where all of our important credentials are safe? Dashlane does exactly that. Now you no longer need to worry about those long string of passwords. Save your passwords at one place and you are good to go.

2. Outlook: Being a business owner, you don’t have huge resources to handle different apartments and often you need to handle multiple email accounts. Choose Outlook to keep on top of your latest and important emails. What else? It manages your calendars too.  So be it your client mail or upcoming meeting, Outlook ensures you never miss it.

3. Evernote: In SMBs, your ideas hold the most value. But keeping a notepad always by your side is just not possible, that’s why Evernote app should be in your phone. Whether it is an upcoming feature you want to add in your product or a specific thing your client wants in product, add it all in evernote.

4. Line 2: Do you find it difficult to keep your professional and personal life separate? Don’t worry, it is the case for both of us. This app will allow you to use a second line to call, send message or send pictures.

5. Genius Scan: Everyday how many documents do you have to photocopy or scan? Well, too many if you ask me. The app lets you scan your documents and send them to respected person in no time.

6. Genius Fax: Although not so much in trend nowadays, if one of your client is hell bent on getting a document via fax, use this app on the go.

7. Skype: Skype is the perfect app to handle all your business communication. Use skype to chat, communicate and also organize video calls with anyone you want.

8. Dropbox: The best app to access all your files and folders on the go. Upload all of your data here and you can not only access them but if required, you can share them with others too.

9. Scannable: Whether it is a receipt, business card or any paper for that matter, use Scannable to scan it within seconds.

10. Omnifocus:  Project management is one of the most complicated tasks for a small business owner but no more! Use Omnifocus to organize everything at one place.

So friends, this was my favorite small business apps that I believe you should start using too. Am I missing out on any important app? Let me know in the comments below.

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