3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

3 Top Growth Stocks to Buy Right Now

Sep 26, 2018, 10:55:17 PM Business

In your investing requirements, the stocks with growing trend can create the immense difference. So, the things are more practical when you make some struggles to find the stocks with the growth trend and purchase them on sale. So, I am sure such kind of stocks can lead you to earn heavy earnings on your investment.

I have researched and choose these three companies stocks:

1.    Baozun Inc

2.    Solar Edge Technologies Incorporation.

3.    LGI Homes Builders

Bauzun Inc is a leading China-based company in the electronic commerce industry.

Solar Edge is a company providing solar energy equipment.

LGI is gaining fame in the home construction field.

Overall the market is showing a negative for these three stocks, as these stocks are 27 percent to 38 percent lower than the maximum high. So, I observe, how you can benefit from the short period sell off in the future.

1.    Baozun Inc

It is analyzed by many analysts that the Jeremy Bowman stocks are not performing well on the SPDR S & P. The stock is falling consistently due to the trade tension between China and USA. From the last three months the fall is recorded at 14 percent and overall it has been reducing up to 26 percent due to the trade crisis and tax implications by USA and China.

According to my opinion, the future of Barzun's is bright as it is doing online trading same like Shopify and serving many businesses by offering products and services in software, distribution, warehousing, and IT services. So, in the coming days, the trade war will not impact on the Baozun’s business. In the IT Industry, the company total market share is 22%. The last quarter earnings were 175.2 million and a 30.5 percent increase in revenues was calculated. However, it is expected that the company revenues will increase by 88.5 million dollars in the coming quarter. Analysts and researchers also are expecting an increase in the earning per share in the next quarter.

2.    Solar Edge Technologies

As the trend towards green energy is increasing so I think a solar edge is a good option for the investors to reap cash benefits in the close future. As a law has been passed in California America that tills the end of 2045 all energy will be through solar or renewable energy source.  So, the trend is to buy right now such kind of stock with great future perspective.

It is true that Solar Edge panels are manufacturing in China and the latest trade war or tax changing can impact the market. But still, the investors are showing confidence and estimated high returns in the near future.

Analysts are expecting an increase in the earnings up to 22 percent in the next coming 5 years. So, its mean if you buy today then you can earn the amount of cash in the coming future.

As the price is not high for the Solar Edge stock so right now it is a cheap investment.

3.    LGI Home Builder

Earnings are rising for LGI home builder, as it is prominent from the last two quarterly earnings reports. The 70 percent increase in the net income due to the increase in sales up to 44 percent recorded.

However, homebuilder is facing a decrease in the earning per share from the start of the year 2018

LGI Home builder is Texas base home builders in America. The trend is to buy the shares because Trump is planning for a restructuring bill and want to pass it from the Congress.

It is also true, the home builder is not paying high amounts to its investors but still, the investors are interested to buy its shares due to bright future earnings.

According to my observation, these 3 growth stocks are favorite in the eyes of the investors; a cheap investment can lead any investors to heavy returns in the near future.

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