An Overview of the Major Differences Between a Suit and a Tuxedo

An Overview of the Major Differences Between a Suit and a Tuxedo

Sep 11, 2018, 8:47:35 PM Business

Are you still confused in choosing between a tuxedo and suit?

Let us help you in clearing the dilemma of making a style statement with a tuxedo or suit in this post.

The fashion police say that the fashion choices you make define your look, style and persona. The outfit you choose tells a lot about what you aspire to be and who you are. Suits and Tuxedos are the ultimate fashion choice for men for formal and casual looks. Yes, these are the very different clothing and to rule the fashion game, you must know how suits & tuxedo differ from each other.


A suit comprises of jacket and trouser that is made from the same type of material. Today, the fashion world knows no bound and you can find suits in all patterns, designs and materials. You are likely to find velvet suits, leisure suits, and maybe denim suits. You can count them as a first choice for the business meetings or like.


Technically, they are suites. However, it can be better termed as an evening wear. If you have a prom night or a party in the evening, go for a tuxedo.

Types of Tuxedos

Tuxedos give a smart look and with a right styling and dressing guidance, you can be the eye candy at the party. Here are the different types of tuxedos:

  • White Dinner Jacket (This is the timeless pick. You can always go for it!)
  • Single-Breasted Tuxedo
  • Double-Breasted Tuxedo

Pick a smart and more formal choice:

You can make a difference with your style statement with suits. If you wish to go a more formal way then a tuxedo can be a smart choice. Moreover, it all depends on the styling and sense of fashion you possess. To prove you are not out of the fashion game, dress up yourself from head to toe considering these clothing.

  • Shirt – You can pair Tuxedos with the solid white button-up shirts. While you can wear the Suits with a casual or formal shirt. They could be mostly in solid colors. Also, they come with a variety of styles and patterns.
  • Neckwear – You can always pick the tuxedos with bow ties and waistcoats or the cummerbunds.  For suits, you have many choices- ties, bow ties or plain.
  • Pockets – With suits, the flapped pockets give a less sleek look and add fabric to the jacket. While the tuxedo jackets have jetted pockets which can make the jacket appear more formal.
  • Pocket Square –  With suits, you can wear the pocket squares with a variety of colors. But for tuxedos, you have fewer choices. The classic plain white can be the ultimate one.
  • Trousers – The Tuxedo trousers comprise of a braid. It runs down the side of the leg that would match the jacket lapels.
  • Shoes – Suits can be worn with the leather shoes to complement the suit’s texture. A tuxedo can be paired with the leather slippers.
  • Color – Suits can be made from casual fabric or even a lighter color fabric. The classic colors for suits are the versatile colors like grey or navy blue. While the colors of tuxedos are solid black or midnight blue.

Differences Between Tuxedo & Suit

Suits are a more flexible choice

  • With suits, you get more flexibility in dressing. You do not require a waist covering.
  • With suits, you can pick from the variety of colors and shirt patterns.
  • With suits, you can also add the pocket squares and neckties.
  • A tuxedo has a solid form. If you wear one, it is better to stick to the basic look.
  • You can make additions to the tuxedo but they need to be minimal. With your black or midnight blue, you can add a satin lapel.
  • You can also go for the bow ties with a waist covering for wearing tuxedos.

At the Wedding:

  • You can wear Suits daily as well as in the formal events. Also, you can wear them at weddings and family occasions due to their no-fuss nature.
  • Tuxedos complement the traditional look in the weddings and the ceremonies. You can wear the classic black tuxedo with a bow tie and trust us, you can never go wrong. It is the best choice for the weddings.

Formal look

  • Tuxedos are mostly preferred in the evening. They do not only give you a strong look but also make the occasion special.
  • You can wear Suits at any time. They are considerably less formal than the tuxedos. You can get a casual look if you drop the tie.


  • Tuxedos can be an affordable choice. However, you need to invest some time and money to get the best-quality tuxedo.
  • With respect to suits, you can compromise on the quality of fabric if you get a perfect fit. It is better to go for a well-fitted suit with average fabric quality than with a loose fitting suit with high-quality fabric.

Some might prefer Tuxedos over suits but the fact is that both make a comparatively smart choice and guaranteed to make your day special.


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