How to choose the right hosting plan between shared hosting vs wordpress hosting

How to choose the right hosting plan between shared hosting vs wordpress hosting

Feb 18, 2019, 4:09:52 PM Tech and Science

Digitization has mandated the use of websites to ensure successful business operations in recent times. Tarried by such competition you may often find yourself making tough decisions, one such is the choice of purchase plan while creating a website.

If you have selected a popular platform like WordPress, in all probability you will definitely require hosting of your website so that everyone can reach it. For the purpose of business growth and success, selecting the right plan is mandatory.

If you are a first-time website owner, you will come face to face with two widely popular choices, these are WordPress hosting and Shared Hosting.

While shared hosting is a budget plan where one has to share the space with other sites going live, WordPress hosting is a server which is optimized to a special end.

But how do you make the right choice? Every important choice must be backed by some solid facts. To that end, we hope after reading this article, you will be empowered enough to make that choice yourself.

For starters, web hosting plan can be taken as a service which allows the user to rent a space for its website on the server. It is hosting that takes a site online and enables people to view the site and thus increase its reach

Two most popular hosting types in this regard are shared hosting and WordPress hosting. Shared hosting is a plan where the server is split and divided among multiple other sites. This stands in stark contrast to single sites which have a dedicated physical server.

Shared hosting is quite a popular choice for small and medium-sized business houses obviously due to its low price. However, there are chances of performance issues on shared hosting sites. Since you have to share the platform with other sites, your website might become sloppy and slow if other sites are getting too much traffic. There are concerns about security as well.

In that light, many people opt for WordPress hosting.

In order to make the correct decision about choosing the hosting plan, a brief on the differences between both the plans can be discussed.

As the name makes it clear, WordPress hosting is web hosting that has been specially formulated for WordPress websites. It is important to note that this is not a plan like shared hosting.  WordPress hosting can have a lot of options. It can be shared, dedicated, or something completely different.

The complete details of your chosen plan will depend on the service provider. Additionally,  multiple hosts offer managed as well as unmanaged WordPress hosting plans. While unmanaged plans let the users take up the task of site optimization and server management, managed plan, though a tad bit expensive, allow providers to get access to more sites and thus ensure a smooth running of the site. Also, don’t forget to check out web hosting reviews of the service provider you are settling with.

Platform-specific features are also on the platter offered by WordPress hosting. Such features include pre-installed sites, updates from WordPress, effective and constant WordPress support.

While hosting a site, an individual is faced with multiple options creating confusion and chaos. Traditional hosting shared hosting, WordPress hosting all are available options. A clear comparison between the two can, however, make the choice easy and smooth.

When one starts out, the initial stage is dominated by cost constraints. In that light, shared hosting can be the best possible option for you. It is the perfect option for pitching in blogs and websites.

On the other hand, hosting plans that are absolutely WordPress specific are as affordable as other platform-generic plans. For this benefit, it is advisable to look into WordPress hosting plans for other sites as well.

Since customization is possible in WordPress hosting plans, they surely make an option worth thinking about.

If there is some money to invest, one may look into managed WordPress hosting plans as well. Though these plans are a bit expensive, they offer ace security especially ensured by platform experts.

This option is perhaps the best one for new business owners or business person who do not have the time and expertise to look after the performance and security issues of the website personally.

Now that a little bit on both the shared and WordPress hosting plans has been covered, it's important to note that there can be no one “perfect” plan for hosting every website.

Every business is different and so are its specifications. Thus it becomes crucial to analyze the need of every business and website before deciding upon the right choice.

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