Things you didn’t know about Scratch off Map

Things you didn’t know about Scratch off Map

Dec 21, 2018, 5:16:37 AM Religion

Has anyone ever told you that travelling the world is still a challenge? Well, go back and tell them that, that nightmare ended in 2009 when the Luckies’ cartographers designed the first ever Scratch off map. Since then, the world’s best destinations have been brought closer to the people than never before.

Main Properties/ Features

Did you know that scratch off maps don’t just provide general details of various places around the world? Check the following, which are even among countless features of the map.

  • Cities
  • Capitals
  • Terrains
  • Countries
  • Gradients
  • Landmarks.
  • States
  • Islands; among other outstanding features.

Just in case you are wondering about the convenience of moving around with the map, let it not bring you stress, its weight is only 8 ounces. See? So bearable.

The deluxe edition appearance is obviously another outstanding feature you wouldn’t want to miss out. For this reason, the map can even be displayed on the wall for you to keep check of the places you intend to visit or have been before, and you don’t have to worry about anything, because it is super attractive.

The 32.5 × 0 × 23.4 inches dimension is what this map constitutes, with a single pack size. Perhaps, you don’t need to worry about space to accommodate it.

Who uses the map?

  • This map is a special gift targeted to all adventure lovers. People who always dream and have the passion of finding out more about what the world has to offer beyond their borders. It is a map for everyone whose heart is on fire to visit as many places around the world as possible.

How you can use it

  • Using the map is very easy, as keeping memories about places one has ever visited has been made perfectly easy and more convenient.
  • With a scratch map in place, planning the next trip should not be a stressing moment for you. This map is like a master mind, it has all that covered for you.
  • In order to make the map highly convenient for you, the cartographers had you in mind, and incorporated a special foil layer design. The layer makes it easy for users to access more details about the places they have visited or intend to visit in future. All the user does is scratch the layer off using an eraser or even the finger nails, and in no time the colourful features come to light even before one gets to the actual place. 


If you are eager to learn about the world around you, that desire is right at your door step. How? Scratch off map is the answer to that question. The map takes you to places even before you can finally set your feet there. Isn’t that great? Moreover, you get to plan your best trips in good time, by taking note of every detail you need for that particular trip. The scratch off map has what it takes to plan a successful trip even before you take one. On top of all that, record keeping is never a problem at all. You already have it covered.

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