Why are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrush?

Electric Toothbrush

Why are Electric Toothbrushes Better Than Manual Toothbrush?

Sep 3, 2020, 8:42:25 AM Life and Styles

The decision taking of weather to use an electric brush or a manual brush is never ending, the electric tooth brush is a new technological progress in dental cleanliness, when electric brush came about (1954) many people had an idea of purchasing it because of several pros which it can give to an individual.

Yet the manual tooth brush is still in existence, although the electric toothbrush has gained popularity, the manual tooth brush is majorly used by people, we are going to be discussing reasons why electric tooth brush is far more better than manual tooth brush:

For Specific People

Electric toothbrushes are not compulsory for everybody but for very busy people who find it hard to master the two-minute time duration that is very much optional by their dentists to aid them in getting rid of plaque in the mouth. These electric tooth brushes normally have duration of two-minute this timing reminds the individual if he / she have finally reached the preferred time for teeth cleaning. It is also suggested for individual who finds it not viable to clean hard to reach areas of the teeth due to wound or illnesses, mostly that of arthritis.


The Electric tooth brush needs no movement from the individuals, the brush function on its own, all one need do is place the brush at the spot which needs cleaning and the brush will automatically clean the teeth on its own through oscillator.


People really think that the electric toothbrush is a more competent tool little do they know that effective cleaning really depends on the individual and his capability to brush properly as instructed by his dentist. Electric ToothBrushes


Just like you know that there is nothing like scrubbing motions using the electric tooth brush unlike the manual tooth brush where individuals tend to engage in scrubbing the teeth, and by so doing this always cause abrasion.

Last Long

No wonder it is expensive, since very slight or no effort is needed from someone, in using the electric tooth brush there is always an affinity to brush longer. Longer brushing time, at least two minutes duration has always been suggested by dentists as part of good oral cleanliness.There are many prominent brands of high quality electric toothbrushes that are new and efficient. They covered and manufactured with high grade plastic and other substance. They have soft and fine bristles.

One can have healthy gums with these devices as they give intensive cleaning. Teeth problems like bad breath, cavities, wound and receding gums can be avoided using these brushes.

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