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I am a mother of 2 children – 17 and 12 years old.   In the last five years, I am the owner of Petit Paris, being a child’s care center (open all day long) for the ages 2-14, concerned mainly with creative activites and foreign languages.  Before this, and for 20 years, I was in advertising for women’s magazines.
I see running as an escape from my everyday life;  this has gradually became an irresistable habit that I love ……. as when I run I feel free.
I train four to five times a week under the guidance of Zinias Sanudo.
My love for running has sprouted the idea for me to create this blog together with my bestie Joanna, giving us a chance to share our experiences and concerns with you, our bloggers.
Running is not good only for the body but also for the soul …. If you want to change your body, exercise, however if you want to change your life…………… become a runner!

I am a mother of two boys  18 and 15 years old.

Always a health fanatic and exercising where, and as, I could.  Of course there was always some difficulty in keeping up while raising my kids but as they became more independent I found more time to do things for me.  As I am not a classical gym person as I don’t like fixed timetables, running was and is my best, independent choice. I run because I love the freedom; it also keeps you super fit……..once you start…. beware it psychs you in doing more and more!!!!

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