let peace conquer all

let peace conquer all

Aug 26, 2016, 4:28:32 PM Sport

There have many countless of articles of what it is like to live with a”runner” this is why I would like to write about what it is like to live with a person who doesn’t understand your “love for running”!!!

Here goes…………..

Dear Non Runners,

After a lot of thought and desire to not hurt anyone’s feelings, I want you to take a little time and read our “thoughts on paper”.

Yes I know, it may become truly weary…. even drab, listening to someone constantly boring you stiff on how much they ran, which part of their body hurts, how their next training schedule should be like…….the list goes on – I know I have said the same things a million times to the same person.  But what about the importance of sharing in your partners’ achievements, even if it is with one ear, then “bravely” changing the subject… we will get the picture and love you more for “listening” so hard!!!!!  Turning a deaf ear is so easy and anyone can do it!!

Okay, I know, so there are people that DO NOT EVEN LIKE RUNNING – but I am sure that they like something else- so go on share …. It is so important to be passionate about something and sharing!!!  We are good listeners and runners too…. amazing, but true.

Look onto the positive side

We can help you change your diet habits – drink less alcohol and eat more fruits and vegetables.  There is also the case of helping you change your exercise regime………from not exercising at all, to being more active since the opportunity is set out for you – grab the chance! 

The Ugly news

For the sake of being fair, one thing we can all agree on is that the night before a race requires an early night which may interfere with a scheduled outing; this is tough and compromises should be taken – runners, not all races need to be ran – and of course the early morning alarm can wake up the whole house – unnecessary too !!!

Lastly, let’s make a deal – if  we promise to be less passionate and more attentive, will you try to be more understanding!!

Thank you for listening and taking the time to read this.

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