reflect and take a pulse on your marriage

reflect and take a pulse on your marriage

Sep 12, 2016, 7:29:23 PM Life and Styles

What started off as a joke this morning over our anniversary celebration breakfast as to how well we know each other after 20 years of marriage, suddenly turned into a quick Q/A test session of 20 “important questions!!!

I jotted them down and upon completion tossed them over to the other side ………..with one small comment to my husband……….. "I am sweet and fair enough to allow a 20% margin for error……1 % for each year of marriage!!!"

Starting off easy …….. the first question was – what is my favorite color?  Moving on to the more focal questions….

From…………After our major life shocks, what is it that you have learnt about us and how we have  handled the aftermath? 

To………… have we learnt to deal with the every day-to-day irritations?  Can we better ourselves?

Routine, family and day to day commitments/ issues can so easily weaken our bonds and lead us to feeling disconnected.  This is when logic and foresight should step in and where we should ask ourselves as to how we define our love as it has developed today, and not compare it with what we thought love was when we first got married.  

This unfair comparison can lead to some unfair disappointment – we should focus on what each partner has given up for the other and learn to appreciate their sacrifices.

Reflecting and taking a pulse every now and then, and talking about our inner feelings and about what times we have felt happiest/saddest together is an important stepping stone towards growing old with one another.

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