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     When you write your bio, your job as a blogger is to DAZZLE your audience. But I initially started writing this because I was bored and I didn't have any inspiration for a poem. So let’s see what my bio looks like at the end of the day…


     Hi, I am Oyekanmi Ruqayya Dolapo, a 300L Law student of the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and I am flamboyantly and irreverently expressive.


     As a poet, a prosaist and just recently, a script writer, I sincerely believe that my work is unique.


     This treasure that you have found will entail an account of my adventures and the essence of my work is carried in my voice. I started my personal blog at in May, 2016 and since then I have fallen more in love with writing, blogging and myself. I'll cover both the good and the bad here because life isn’t one long holiday (although I wish it was!) so we have to deal with everything it throws at us. Many of my posts will be about sex, abuse, love, depression and death. 


     Together we’re a winning team and I’m your personal cheerleader educating you, helping you get over the pain and live life to the fullest.



More Random Facts About Me:


  1. My body was born in Lagos, Nigeria but my heart lives in Paris.
  2. I checked my weight last week and I weighed 46kg. I was elated because I normally weigh less than 45kg.
  3. When I started my blog, I wished I had done it anonymously so I could really say what I wanted to say. Now I’m glad I didn’t, because I can actually say what I want to say, and stand behind it, too.
  4. I’m incredibly nosy and convinced you’re way more interesting than me.
  5. I’d (still!) like to write a book one day.
  6. I have to be the smallest person in my family.
  7. My nose has no cartilage in the end, this means it can be pressed right down onto my face.
  8. I wish I went to art school.
  9. I stay up too late almost every night and regret it every morning. (Right now, it is 4:52 am)
  10. I have no idea why strangers want to get together with me. I’m actually not all that interesting.
  11. If I had one wish right now, it would be to be able to sing really well.
  12. I can only write with my notebook or my entire body turned sideways.
  13. I am very, very neat.  Except when I am not.
  14. I laugh at really dumb jokes.
  15. My stomach was hurting quite a bit at this point so I originally stopped here.
  16. Shoes, shoes and more shoes! (It's a girl thing)
  17. I try to live my life as honestly as possible.
  18. I rarely apologize but when I do, I really mean it.
  19. My confidence in my opinions can sometimes intimidate others, especially those who are fearful.
  20. I love independent food trucks and see them as culinary artists, like indie filmmakers or starving artists of the food world.
  21. I am continuously fascinated by human sexual deviations.
  22. I love cats.
  23. I love cuddling.
  24. I talked a lot when I was a child, so much that I was often offered money or other bribes to be quiet for a while.
  25. I love all forms of art.
  26. I’m a little obsessive about making my bed. The rest of the house can be a disaster.  My bedroom itself can be a wreck. But my bed is made. Always.  
  27. I am notoriously bad at remembering names, but I’m really not much better at remembering faces.  Sorry about that. 


I am your average girl but in my blog posts, I'll try to include at least three random facts about myself to help you all get to know me better.

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