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Hi, I'm Oyekanmi Adedolapo Rukayat and this is my first post here. Originally posted on my personal blog Smallee Writes, the following poem is about finding oneself after losing out to heartbreak and other sorrowful things. Below the poem are ten random facts about me. Read on and enjoy..

I gave myself
No holds barred
And my heart was resting
Six feet underground
Where I fell in love
Then I looked at her
Beautiful and bold she was
My ugly scars, my dark thoughts
She mirrored them, embraced them
My reflection promised to be my garden of dreams
And I fell like leaves in autumn
On the mirror that is my life

I shut my eyes tight
But I could still see her
Thousands of voices echoed in my head
But they were all mine
I stared into her eyes
And shattered under the pressure of what I saw
Broken mirrors
Cuts and bruises
A dark burden within my heart, carried by my own soul
And a smile that held the darkest realities.
Shattered to pieces and never to be whole again,
I fell again like leaves in autumn
On the mirror that is my life.

Thankful that I didn’t look like I felt;
Fragments of past love and rejection
All pieced together with a flimsy adhesive
I stared into the shattered glass
No one saw her hurting
Not the broken shards that she was made up of
So I gave my final smile to the girl in the mirror
My reflection
I looked into my own eyes
And I fell once again like leaves in autumn
Embracing the shattered kaleidoscope that is my life.


Random Facts About Me:

  1. I'm single.
  2. I'm very easy to please.
  3. I might or might not be in love right now.
  4. I love making out.
  5. I believe in soulmates.
  6. I love organising and arranging things. Sometimes I disarrange my room just so I can put things back in order.
  7. I don't wear panties unless i'm on my period.
  8. I seldom wear bras either.
  9. I like talking about sex, love, relationships and human interaction.
  10. I'm really excited about my first post. I'm also very nervous.

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Published by Ruqayya Dolapo Smallee

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