Death of Vine

Death of Vine

Oct 28, 2016, 8:28:43 PM News

The famous six-second clip platform, Vine is said to be killed off by Twitter in the upcoming months.

Vine is a platform where people post six second videos in the hopes of them going “viral”. Vine has been up for the public since 2013 and since then it made a huge difference in the way we discover new artists, dancers, comedians and the all-around people that just do dumb shit.

Many people became well-known and famous all because of Vine. The likes of King Bach, Final Cut King, Reggie Couz, even singers we know(Shawn Mendez, The Weeknd and more) all started releasing short(six seconds) videos on vine and got followers and loops that eventually made them stand out.

Twitter’s recent fiasco(no one wanting to buy Twitter) made them do employee cuts(over 300 people) and they didn’t reach their goal that they thought they would.

If or when this happens, lets just pray that Twitter is ready for the huge disappointment from all the happy Viners and Vinees(just made that up).


Published by Ryan Jones

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