How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room

How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room

Jul 31, 2021, 6:51:20 AM Creative

If your columns/pillars are strong, your home will be durable, and vice versa. Your home stories rest on them and keep them stable. 

Some rooms also have pillars that look awkward without any decorations. Although you may feel annoyed to see columns in your room, you can't ignore them since they are the building blocks of your home.

Cover the entire pillar with wood

Wood materials have been used in walls to make them more attractive. You will feel luxurious and well-decorated in a room with shiny wood. It gives your pillar a natural vibe and an artistic appearance if you cover the entire pillar with wood. 

You should use wood materials in your room if you feel your room does not give you a natural feel. Alternatively, you can cover the entire column with a wood design. 

You can decorate your pillars with wood in many ways, and you just need a creative mind to achieve the best results. I am sure covering your pillar with wood design will eliminate the awkward look of your room and give it some freshness and appeal.

Using Wall Art or Wall Frame

One of the simplest and most effective ways to decorate a pillar in the living room is by painting it. Any wall decor item or art can be used to decorate a column.  

You may want to add wall decor items to all sides of your rectangular pillar for a more beautiful look. Do not buy random wall art, first measure the weight of your column so that you will get the perfect size artwork. There are a wide variety of wall decor items; choose the one that matches your outfit. 

Digital frames are also a convenient way to decorate walls. Your picture can be changed whenever you like.

Put lights around the pillar

Column lights are very famous for luxurious decoration, and they give your home a classy look. You can lighten your pillars in several ways. It is possible to install an LED light above the Column, as shown on the picture, which will spread patterns of light across the entire Column.

I know it's pretty difficult to install the light on top by yourself. The bottom lights are another easy option. The pattern will also spread upward.

Lastly, you can wrap fairy lights around your Pillar in an exact pattern; this method is pretty straightforward and exciting. As well as looking beautiful, this will have a Christmassy feel.

Use Wall Lamp

One of the easiest ways to decorate your living room pillar is this. The benefit of installing a wall lamp is that it provides a soft ambient light that you can also use at night to brighten your room.

There are many types of wall lamps available, but pick one with various light patterns to double as a night lamp. This lamp should be adequately positioned on the pillar in order to create a beautiful appearance.

Decorate pillars with marble stones

You can decorate your pillar with marble stone if you are on a budget and want to create a luxurious feel. Marble is commonly used on pillars in Asian countries because it looks so attractive. After that, you don't need to decorate it.

There is no easy way to accomplish this. To get results, you need to hire experts and spend some money. Royal castles and homes have also been built using marble, which is a lovely stone.

You can choose from a variety of marble patterns and designs, so you can match it to your outfit and room decor.

Columns can be used as dividers

This idea is perfect for those who have a large living room. It now looks better than it did before because of this trick. This method allows you to divide your living room into two parts, which you can use as dining areas or TV rooms.

A divider and pillar-like can be set up in different ways. By placing a wood bar vertically beside your pillar, you can divide your living room. Make it more stylish by adding some space between the wood bats. You can use your imagination to create different patterns and shades to transform your column into a luxurious divider.

Your dividers should be made by an expert. You can also buy ready-made walls from the market if you prefer the convenience. Check the size of the place where you will put this divider before picking any deviser.

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