Classical Arabic Course

classical arabic course

Classical Arabic Course

Sep 1, 2021, 10:49:46 AM Religion

When you want to study islamic sciences, or understand the Quran while reading, you should have the knowledge or the background of standard, or classical Arabic course language. A question may come to your mind now; Is there more than one language form in Arabic? This Article will answer your question!

Arabic language forms

There are two arabic forms, the classical Arabic “Al Arabya Al Fosha” (العربية الفصحى), and the modern Arabic Alphabet Course .

  • Classical Arabic: Also called the Quranic Arabic, is the form of the language in which the Quran was written. This form was used in the middle ages and it was the language of the Arab tribes. Arab Children learn this form in schools.
  • Modern Standard Arabic: Newer version of Arabic used today in most books, TVs, newspapers and podcasts.

The difference between them is that classical Arabic is more common in literature, while modern Arabic is spoken, they are similar with little differences, and most Arabs know both.

In order to understand the Quran, Islamic studies, Arabic literature, and others, you should master Arabic language through enrolling in a Classical Arabic Course. 

Why should children take a Classical Arabic Course?

It’s very important to teach our children the Arabic language as early as possible due to some reasons including:

  • Being able to read and recite the Quran easily.
  • Perform the prayers.
  • Mastering the language at an early age.

As an adult, you should also enroll in a Classical Arabic Course for the same reasons, as the prayer must be in Arabic language, besides learning a new language develop your skills.

Enroll now in an online classical Arabic course in order to read and speak Arabic effectively, and also to be able to understand the holy Quran, recite and memorize it easily.

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