Latest British Airways Announcement On Discounted Testing Providers

Latest British Airways Announcement On Discounted Testing Providers

Jun 12, 2021, 11:15:08 AM News

People who are planning on booking British Airways online tickets Flights must know about the latest announcement by the airline on Discounted Testing Providers.

If you’re from Pakistan and planning to book British Airways online tickets then there is a new announcement by the airline that you need to know. The officials from the airline said that they are going to increase the number of discounted testing providers to go for coronavirus PCR tests. Not only will it help the customers to get tested easily to get their desired flights but it will also help the testing providers to serve more customers. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about this news. So, let’s dive right into it.

Expanded List of Testing Providers on Discount

The service providers such as Wren Healthcare will send their specialists to the homes of the customers. It means that the customers will need to request from this COVID-19 testing provider that they need to get tested against the virus. In return, a dedicated specialist will come to the home of the customers to test them. This way the chances of contact with more people will automatically decrease and people will be able to grab British Airways online tickets after getting their negative results.

The Working Procedure of Testing Providers

If you want to travel with British Airways then the first step is to request the testing provider for the COVID-19 PCR test. After that, the healthcare facility will be sent its professional to your home in the United Kingdom. Then the professional will take your sample and take it will him/her to the healthcare facility for testing purposes. Then the healthcare company will test your sample and provide you with the results within a single day.

The officials from British Airways said that not only will it keep the people from unnecessary delays but it will also reduce the potential public contact. Moreover, the test results will also be available for the customers on the official British Airways website. The costs of the tests are reduced by 40 pounds. Moreover, customers can also reduce the cost even more if they themselves visit the health care facility.

Remarks from the British Airways Customer Experience Director

The customer experience and brand director of British Airways Tom Stevens said the airline appreciates that obtaining and sending PCR testing out so close to departure might be stressful. The airline is also glad to have discovered and negotiated a lower pricing alternative for people. Moreover, it is in the interest of people to take a test in the privacy of their own home or at a clinic, knowing that their findings would be submitted directly to a lab for quick and accurate findings.

If you are planning to book Lahore to London flights then the opening will be announced soon.

Final Words

This information will help you to book your British Airways online tickets by getting tested against COVID-19 without unnecessary stress.

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