Nail Injuries: What are the primary causes and how can you claim compensation?

Nail Injuries: What are the primary causes and how can you claim compensation?

May 17, 2019, 6:29:05 PM News

Fingernail or toenail injuries are not uncommon. Nail injury is an injury to any part of the nail which causes bruises and pain. In nail injuries, you may get damage on the tissues near the nail, below the nail or cutting the nail itself. A nail injury may occur when the nail is torn, cut, or smashed or bruised or detached from the skin.

These nail injuries can occur anywhere while working in the industry, slip or tip, or pedestrian accident, or hit by an object. If these injuries occur due to someone else negligence fault and mistake, you can claim compensation.
Every time you get nail injury, you will feel sharp pinching pain in the nail area or around the whole finger. This is because the roots of the nails are attached in the finger. Severe damage to the nail may lead to bleeding.

Typical changes in nail after injuries

When a nail is affected, you may experience severe many color changing and disability of finger too for short-time.

Color changes in a nail – It is a simple fact that after any injury whether mild or severe you will observe the color changing in the nail. In some mild injury cases, little white dots can appear in the nail which might go away in 2 to 3 weeks. In some cases, you may also face black areas in a nail. These are made due to the blood under the nail. These black spots will go away after the healing.

Fungal nail – In some of the cases, you may also experience fungal nail infection. This fungus can be of different types and occur in different locations.

Ingrown nail – In some cases, if you wear tight shoes, or due to the improper trimming of the nail you may experience ingrown nail. This nail may damage the nearby skin which causes pain, and in severe cases, you may also feel pus and swelling in the nail.

Falling of heavy objects

While working in manual industries, you may experience falling objects regularly. However, if these objects fall on your hands or toe, you may damage your fingers along with nails. This injury to the nail is excruciating and needs rest to develop the healing process.

Slip or trip

Slip or trip usually affects the nail from the toe. Because uneven surface can cause you many problems, when you get a trip and fall, you will surely get nail injury. You may face trip due to the uneven surface, objects in the path, uncovered wiring, or due to abandoned objects. You might experience broken nail due to slip trip and fall.

Get stuck in objects

Nail injuries can also occur when your hand gets stuck in the objects or boxes while working in the shops or industries. This blow to the nail is really painful and may lead to bleeding.

Seek medical attention

No matter how mild the injury is, you should get the medical attention immediately. Because you will know that is your nail is in the healthy condition you will need the proper treatment. Sometimes the blow to the nail may damage the nail beds, which is painful. Damage to the nail bed may require reasonable time to heal. In this meantime, you will need proper rest to start the healing process.

Seek the solicitor’s help

After the medical attention, you will need a personal injury solicitor who can help you regarding the case. You will need a legal expert to start or to file the claim against the liable party.

Always consult a professional and experienced Personal injury solicitor who should have years of experience in the relevant injury filed.

Personal injury solicitor Blackburn can help you in many ways. He can gather evidence of the accident and injury. Personal injury solicitor can do settlement talks with the liable party. If the liable party agrees, your case is closed. If they resist, personal injury solicitor will send them legal notice for a court hearing.

The amount of the compensation claim depends on the injury. This damage can be physically, economically, and socially. You will also get paid for how long you will jobless.

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