Why Everyone Searches Weather In Lahore Before Traveling?

Why Everyone Searches Weather In Lahore Before Traveling?

Nov 18, 2021, 2:57:37 PM News

Weather forecast is one of basic requirement for the establishment of any type of industry. Three main types of Industries are listed below:

·      Primary Industries

·      Secondary Industries

·      Tertiary Industries

Today we will discuss, why weather forecasts are important for each industry.

Primary Industry

Primary industry is the industry which produces the raw materials. It could include extraction of minerals such as petroleum products, coal, metals, gypsum, limestone, and chromite etc. This could products include from fishing industry, forest industry, and agriculture industry.

It is required to know the weather forecasts to carry out work in these industries.


For Example, in Mineral industry, minerals are extracted using vertical shaft, adit mining (Underground), or open-pit mining. However, before started mining, it needs to assured that the weather remains clear, if rainfall occurs, the water can fill the dug area.


In case of agriculture, farmers need to know whether it’s going to rain on the correct time, especially in barani lands (rain-fed) of Potwar Plateau. If heavy rainfall occurs just after the cultivation the crop gets destroyed. If there is less than required rainfall the yield might get affected.


If we look at forest industry, irregularity of rainfall can damage trees. However, this phenomenon is out of our control. Therefore, checking weather forecast is not as important in this industry. However, checking the historical weather of the area can help identify which the places ideal for planting forests.


It very important to check check if you work in fishing industry. Although, Lahore is not a coastal area, fish farms exist. Prediction of rainfall and pollution is necessary for fish farms in an area.

Secondary Industry