One Habit to Improve Your Productivity

One Habit to Improve Your Productivity

I am currently madly packing for college, and came across a video from one of the best college tip channels on YouTube, College Info Geek (video linked below).

It went over one specific habit to increase your productivity and plan without going overboard. The main premise is to pick a review day, once a week, and plan for your next week. Sound familiar right? But the special part, and one I haven't heard, is to reflect on the previous week.

This is the key to improving your overall systems, as by reflecting on your past week, you can see whether the past week was a productive one or one you could've planned better.  And since it's a week at a time, it isn't overwhelming to analyze your habits and when you were productive and when you weren't. Then as you look to the next week, you can plan your work time a little better.

For example, you thought you would study best after lunch, but ping pong tournaments in the lounge derailed your plan. Now you know either to plan to study somewhere else after lunch and not go back to your dorm to avoid temptation, or carve out another time to study and make after lunch leisure time.

I'm very determined to include this in my schedule, and hope you will as well. Hopefully putting it on the internet will make me accountable. 

Check out the video!

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