What I Wish I Brought to College

What I Wish I Brought to College

After completing my first year at college in southern California, I realized there were a few things I missed that would've made my transition easier as well as daily life in general.

Bringing the right things does not mean you need to bring tons of things. I definitely had accumulated way too many things, so much so that when I came to move out at the end of the year, my mother was appalled at what we were gonna need to fit in the car to bring home.

So here are a few things I wished I had brought to college:

  1. Iron or personal steamer. Oh my gosh, I did not realize the number of fancy-esque business casual type events I would go to. Button down shirts need to be ironed, and I really should've ironed my scarves before wearing them.
  2. Paper plates/bowls. There's going to come a time where you have take-out, leftovers, or in my case, needed a bowl to eat popcorn out of. You don't really think about these before coming to college, as you will probably assume you'll do all your eating in the dining halls, which is not true. You'll need these for snacks, especially if you are sharing with friends (or not, snacks are very valuable in college).
  3. One saucepan, one skillet. Though our dorm had a kitchen, I did not trust the cleanliness of the pots an pans stored there. I definitely would've made breakfast more often if I had my own things. Of course, you don't need a full kitchen set, just enough to make yourself simple meals like eggs, soup, etc.
  4. Minimal cleaning supplies. Your dorm will probably have a vacuum, so no need to bring that if that's available to you. What I'm referring to is materials to wipe up countertops, dust, make the room smell nice, etc. A clean and decluttered space will make you feel calmer and less stressed, and it'll keep you healthy. (It definitely would've helped out with my allergies). Plus your roommate will love you that much more.
  5. A little table. This may pertain just to me and my roommate, but we makeshifted a mini table so that we could drink tea and read with a place to put our things and what we were using. I suppose you could do this at your desk, but with a small table you can use a more comfortable chair than at your desk. I liked it because the comfort was between your desk and your bed; comfortable enough to be able to read for a long time, but not so much that you'd fall asleep.

Let me know if you have anything you wished you had, or if you're not sure about bringing a certain thing. Best of luck packing for college!

As always, contact me with any questions and they may become a blog post!

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