Your Degree is Not Enough

I had just finished a conversation with an alumni of my college. We had talked about his work in tech and finance, and he was sharing a bit about the smartest people he ever met.

He said one of the best engineers he met had dropped out of college and learned to code through a 12 week course in San Francisco. And another, who studied Biology and then learned the statistical code to carry out research.

His main point was that your degree isn't enough. It shows your competency, that you handled responsibility and worked with your peers. But it will not reflect your thought processes, or your ingenuity, or your creativity. The perspective and passion that goes into your work, into you being restless over a new idea, or to learn a new tool, is massively more important.

In essence, you have to learn to learn for yourself, for your ideas, not just for your degree.

I thought it was an insight I knew but glossed over, and thought it was important to share as a reminder.

So pick up a skill to learn, a book you want to read, or write your first blog post. A hobby will keep you passionate, and making it a project will keep your creative juices flowing. That's what I hope to do.

Please see some resources below for starting your new skill!

Learn about digital marketing through Google's digital garage.

Listen to this podcast on skill building!

Or watch this short video!

What has helped you learn new skills, and keep motivation? Let me know below!

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