Confessions of a Product Manufacturer: What Really Happens when you use Antibacterial Soaps

Confessions of a Product Manufacturer: What Really Happens when you use Antibacterial Soaps

Today’s blog concerns Antibacterial Soaps.  For years, as a product manufacturer I have railed against antibacterial soaps trying to present real science showing that they are no more effective than regular soap and water.  In fact, I argued that they were completely illogical to use.  Think about it.  Let’s say that you think to yourself that you should wash your hands, so you go for an antibacterial soap that will kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria on your hands.  The problem is that over 85 percent of those bacterial will be highly beneficial and that they exist to keep the negative illness causing bacteria in check.  When you kill the bacteria on your hands, you kill nearly all the bacteria including the good bacteria. Now the next time your completely clean hands come in contact with anything and I mean anything, you pick up new colonies of bacteria, often times which have a higher proportion of negative bacteria then positive.

So grabbing a grocery cart handle without cleaning your hands with an antibacterial soap will allow all the positive hand bacteria to fight the bad bacteria on the handle which get transferred to your hands.  But if you used an anti-bacterial soap, then you would have grabbed the germ ridden handle with no good bacteria on your hands to battle the deleterious ones and now your hands are breeding grounds for bad bacteria and you actually have a greater chance of getting ill.

All this sounds pretty bad, right?  Well, it gets a lot worse as those ingredients which are used in the manufacturing of those antibacterial products are actually horrifyingly bad for everyone.  In fact the most common ingredient triclosan is so poisonous that if you were caught with a barrel of it anywhere near a water supply you would be deemed a terrorist.  The EPA has incredibly tight laws to protect our environment from these ingredients but the FDA allows us to put them directly into cuts on our hands and arms!  Its madness.

But finally, the madness has ended.  The FDA has finally come to their senses and released a very huge report demonstrating that anti-bacterial soaps were ineffective in actually fighting germs.  And they went one step further outlawing the use of 19 common antibacterial ingredients including triclosan!

If you want a good solution that actually makes perfect sense, then I recommend purchasing a good prebiotic skin wash.  Prebiotics are totally organic plant based products that clean the skin and feed the good bacteria on your hands or body making them 60 times more active basically overwhelming and eliminating the negative bacteria.  Now that makes sense.  And for that reason, I am a leader in prebiotic manufacturing in the skin care arena.  Welcome to my world. 

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