Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football

Fantasy Sports participation in America has grown every single year since its inception.  Currently, there are 57.4 million players in the US with daily fantasy sports participation being the largest niche growth market.   In 2015 Draft Kings and Fan Duel spent hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising aimed at consumer brand identification and customer acquisition.  In 2016, both companies have reduced their advertising budgets to a trickle of those dollars yet overall participation has actually risen, albeit only 1 percent.  The new result of all that ad spending was to knock most of the other companies not willing to spend those type of dollars off the playing field.

The single biggest threat to the large fantasy sports companies is not customer attrition or even the growth of new services but rather the possibility of the Federal Government banning live money fantasy sports play.  Last year both Draft Kings and Fan Duel spent about 8 million dollars each on lobby efforts and legal fees fighting the government’s effort to block play.  To no one’s surprise, last week, these two large sites announced a transaction that they referred to as a “strategic merger of equals.” Acting together, they have a much higher likelihood of profitability as they can save marketing and legal dollars on their budgets which improving their product and customer experience.

One third of all fantasy sports participants are women and I am included in that group.  I applaud the cooperation of Draft Kings and Fan Duel in merging together to fight the real enemy, the Federal Government again trying to step on the right of individual citizens to play a simple game of their choice.  
My favorite fantasy sports site is neither of these organizations.  Rather, it is a brand new site called Fantasy Line Challenge and can be accessed at  This site is very different from any of the others in existence and a lot more fun to play, in my opinion.  The game is simple.  Players deposit funds and set their own lines, based on offensive points, on any two teams not playing each other that day.  Or they can accept the challenge of someone who has posted a line on a game of their making.

For example, let’s say on Sunday that the New England Patriots were playing the New York Giants and the Minnesota Vikings were playing the Detroit Lions.  Based on the offensive points I thought the teams would score in their real games I could set a fantasy line of say, New England Patriots -8 versus the Detroit Lions.  If another player accepted my challenge, the winner would be decided by the total offensive points that each team scored in their respective games.  

It's quick, easy and fun and you play with real money with the same takeout you would receive playing live games in sports books in Las Vegas.  

Myself and my team of aces are the new face of Fantasy Sports.  Check us out at  I've got some plays in the stadium ready for the taking so look out for me: MzSadie 

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