My Favorite Family: The Domores

Time and time again, I am asked, how is it that you can always end up in the middle of things that work so well and make so much money?  I know what they are really saying is I think I am smarter than you, more serious than you, etc. - so why the heck am I me and you are you?  I know what they are really thinking - I deserve all that money in the bank, not you.  I deserve all those social media mentions and followers not you.  I deserve all that respect, not you.   People have called me lucky, favored by God, the devil – all due to a success that they simply couldn’t understand.

My ability to create my own dream life in the past is very simple.  It's my strategy for business and in life.  It can actually be explained in one simple sentence:


Do more for others than anyone else does. 


For those of you who know me; you know it’s true.  How cool is a philosophy that is really that simple? 

Now how would you like a piece of real advice from someone who the world has said has “made it”? Just do more for others than anyone else does and your life will change for the better.

Success sometimes is a lot simpler than most imagine.  Join the Domore family and begin to excel.

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