Practice Persmartstence

Practice Persmartstence

Welcome to the concept of “persmartstence.”  Webster doesn’t necessarily have a definition for this word creation of my own (yet) but it is nonetheless one of the most important words you will ever encounter.  I define it as a method of behaving that involves both incredible persistence and diligent, smart work.  In other words, working when others quit and working smart rather than simply hard.  Digging a ten foot hole with a tablespoon would be an accomplishment of hard work but not particularly smart when there was a shovel available.  Giving up before the hole is done is destructive in either instance.

Persmartstence is behavior that separates the highly successful and wealthy from those who fall short of their goals, the wannabe’s and the losers. 

Persmartstence is a perfect example of something that is often simple but rarely easy. 

Persmartstence can be exhibited by nearly everyone but in reality very few will actually practice it.  The reason is simple.  Somewhere along the line the human species decided that getting more for less is highly desirable and getting something for nothing is the highest achievement.  Rather than believing in ourselves and the time proven fact that lasting riches come to those who work consistently and who work smart; they prefer to bank on wealth from short cuts, from cheating or from blind luck.  The line to purchase a lottery ticket is always longer than the line to invest over a decade worth of round the clock effort learning medicine like a doctor would, for example.  It doesn’t matter that lottery winners nearly always become broke within a short time of their windfall.  The line forms longer every year. 

There are times in life when incredibly good fortune appears on your doorstep.  But it normally happens while you are working smart and consistently.  It rarely occurs while you are dreaming, gambling, cheating or pretending.  When something too good to be true presents itself to a dreamer or a pretender – the chances of it being real are somewhere between slim and none and slim left town.  If something that seems too good to be true is going to happen to someone and it is real, it is almost certain to be someone who is used to living their life with Persmartstence.

Looking for success?  Practice Persmartstence!

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