How Interactive Screens Help teachers Teach in an Active Learning Way

How Interactive Screens Help teachers Teach in an Active Learning Way

Jun 21, 2021, 4:18:05 PM Business

Interactive screens for classrooms are a powerful educational tool because they allow not only active interactive learning, but also collaboration, presentation, and exploration. They aren't just more than simple flat-screen TVs, where you click through educational videos. They can be touch-screens, projectors, chalkboards, or digital, interactive media (DIM). Any screen will do as long as it allows children to interact with the materials being presented.

When considering screens for use in classrooms, make sure you consider the technology and how easy it is to use. You should find a system that works with what you have available. If you have a large classroom, consider a projector. If you have limited space, you may want to consider back-lit displays that are LED.

An Excellent Choice

Touch-screens are an excellent choice for many reasons. They are usually more affordable and easier to use than a projector. They can even be programmed to offer interactive screens for students depending on what the software offers. You can also use multiple displays at once, one for each student in the classroom. Each student can choose his own page to read information or perform other activities. It's like having a personal digital assistant in the classroom!

Projectors are another option that can be considered if you have limited classroom space. Some models are available with a whiteboard on the front. They work great for passive learning, such as reading, reviewing, or writing. You can use the whiteboard for interactive activities as well - more on that in a future article. Another option is a chalkboard. Chalkboards offer the benefit of being both a hands-on learning tool and a visual display.

Applications In A Classroom

Screens are ideal for all sorts of applications in a classroom. Some teachers prefer to use them as an interactive screen for students to draw, jot, color, or write on. Some of these models have video capabilities, which allow students to capture visual information or just observe others while they do their activities. Other teachers like to use them for PowerPoint presentations, which are excellent ways to demonstrate points. Any presentation can become much more interesting when it is presented using interactive screens in the classroom. Let me give you an example...

Chalkboard Or Whiteboard.

You can take a very boring lecture and turn it into a lesson that interests students by presenting it on a chalkboard or whiteboard. You could create a slide show of the most important points and show it to the class. You could capture student response videos and play them back during the lecture. These types of interactive screens for classrooms will not only allow teachers to present their lectures in an exciting way, but they will also encourage students to participate and ask questions. You could add captions to make it more interesting for students to read. You could also add a quiz or a game to challenge students and keep them on their toes.

Monitors Mounted On A Stand

Another type of screen that can be used in the classroom to make it more interesting is a view board. A view board consists of multiple monitors mounted on a stand. The teacher can move the view board to various locations in the room or across the classroom to point out different items or view information in different windows. This is an excellent way to display important data or show an object while discussing the lesson.

Interactive screens help teachers present lessons in a new way. They don't just hide the computer away from view. They add excitement to the lesson and let students get up close and personal with the computer. Interactive screens for classrooms encourage active learning and bring the technology into the classroom where it belongs. These screens can be a great addition to any school or district.

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