5 precautions you must follow for keeping expensive jewelleries

5 precautions you must follow for keeping expensive jewelleries

Jul 7, 2021, 8:00:48 AM Religion

Worried about your expensive jewellery at home? Fear of being robbed, robbing you of sleep at night? Although keeping expensive pieces of jewellery at home may not be the best idea, sometimes we just don’t have a choice. But instead of letting worry and panic take over, there are some simple things you can do. Here are 5 important precautions to take in order to ensure that your priced possessions stay safe and sound right under your nose at home.

1.      Get your jewellery insured

This is the most important thing that you need to do as soon as you buy any piece of expensive jewellery. Get all of your jewellery insured. There are insurances available at smaller premiums that help to safeguard your money. Treat your jewellery as an investment so that in case of theft or loss of any item, you can get your money back.

2.      Keep them in a locked safe

Make sure to keep the jewellery in a safe that is locked up. It could be a key-locked or a passcode-locked safe. Keep the key someplace safe too and make sure you do not tell any outsiders about its location.It’s usually best to simply memorise the passcode so you won’t have to write it down anywhere. But in case you aren’t really good at remembering things, then keep the passcode someplace safe. Do not keep the passcode casually typed on your phone or written in some diary. Be secretive with it.

3.      Do not tell anyone other than close family

Don’t, we repeat, DON’T go around telling too many people about the jewellery that you have kept at home. Make sure only close and trusted members of your family know about it. The lesser the people that know, the better it is.

4.      Make a list of the jewellery you have at home

Make an inventory of the jewellery and even include small items such as lab grown diamond engagement rings. You might keep it safely locked but if you don’t remember what all you have in the first place, you might not realize if one or two goes missing accidentally. So, make a list and keep it in a place only you and your parents/partner will know.

5.      Do not wear too much of it casually

Last, but definitely not the least, just because you have a lot of it kept at home, doesn’t mean you should be flaunting it casually. The more you wear jewellery at inappropriate and unnecessary occasions, the more it is noticed and you do not want that. Make sure you wear only when it is absolutely necessary. It is an asset and should be treated like one. Being too casual with expensive jewellery can be risky.

Despite all these safety measures, it is honestly still better to just keep them in the bank. Having expensive jewellery at home is like a liability at times. You cannot go out or leave the house empty without constantly worrying about robbery attempts and the safety of your precious investment even for something small like Hatton garden engagement rings. But in case the bank locker option isn’t available, and then make sure to follow these precautions to do your best to safeguard the jewellery.

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