5 things that are famous and people love to do in Belgium

5 things that are famous and people love to do in Belgium

5 things that are famous and people love to do in Belgium

Sep 13, 2021, 3:39:53 AM Business

The country of Belgium is bantam in size when compared to some well-known nations. However, it packs a lot despite its small size and presents an exhaustive list of things to do for tourists or visitors. UNESCO sites, experiences, beer, waffles and chocolate – this is what Belgium offers. The list is quite long for things to do, so here we mention five things one can do while they are in Belgium.

Concert and music festivals

Musicof all kinds is popular with Belgians and the summer season is a great time for these. Between the months of April and September, many festivals and concerts are held here. Belgians love good music and host multiple music festivals through the summer months. Pukkelpop and Dour,Graspop, Rock Werchter and Tomorrowland are some of the most well-known shows. Attending a festival is a memorable activity to do and we all know how popular Tomorrowland is.

Brewery and beers

Belgian beer is known throughout the world and there are around 300 breweries in the country. Popular beer manufacturers like AB InBev operate here alongside traditional breweries. Contemporary breweries show off their diverse brewing styles. The Orval brewery is located in a restored 12th century abbey. Orval beer with its distinctive bitter and fruity taste has been produced since 1931. It is one of the 6 Trappist monasteries brewing beer. Take time and taste the diversity in beer. Most bars serve various brands and you can sample some locally.


Like any other European country, the Belgian population has a healthy dating life. They like to take it slow when they look for potential partners. But there are some good qualities in them like punctuality and great appreciation for food. They don’t play games and you would most likely experience a slow burn. Belgium also has good options for entertainment. clubs and adult entertainment like sex dolls in Belgium can be found. Most people are open about their dating lives and enjoy it too.


Head to the Ardennes for kayaking or rafting. You can meander through rivers or go through heart-thumping rapids. The three rivers – Semois, Ourthe and Lesse support experienced kayakers and beginners. Paddle through picturesque villages and forest valleys. The North Coast also offershorseback ridingand you can take routesthrough dunes, seas and meadows. The adventure park - Parc Dinant Aventurehas suspended bridges, ziplines, paintball and laser quests. The park is in the middle of woods which are recognized for their flora and fauna. Try sand yachting on the North Sea coast or Eaud'Heure lakes on a three-wheeled cart if that is what you like.

Theme Park

Belgium has its own list of theme parks and they vary in terms of content and quality. Bellewaerde is a mix of many parks in one. It had originally started as a safari park and zoo and today it has thrilling rides along with an animal park. River rapids, water flumes and some great roller coasters are operated here. Beaches, caves, aqua fort, flying carousel, boomerang and river splash are offered here too. Another Park is the Labyrinth of Durbuy with a twist – a giant maze made of maize. The maze has different themes every year and attracts many visitors.

Belgium has diverse entertainment options like hiking through Ardennes, caving or a canal cruise in Bruges. One can attend chocolate making workshops if you want to learn something while on holiday or visit one of the multiple museums around. The country has UNESCO sites which are also always worth a visit.

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