Top 5 thriller webtoonsmanhwa in 2021

Top 5 thriller webtoonsmanhwa in 2021

Aug 17, 2021, 9:14:46 AM Business

Who doesn't like a good thriller manhwa? Unpredictable twists and turns, unexpected alliance and betrayal. Thrillers tell us exciting stories that we can enjoy all year round. A type of suspense, but guess what? The series of stories are very suitable for making thrillers. A small contribution will make the waiting time longer and give us the opportunity to breathe when the intensity is overwhelmed. This is where the exciting Webtoons comes into play. We have the best of both worlds: the stunning images capture the action and suspense in our favorite movies, but we can read the short films. No time to buy tickets to sit in the theater or read manhwa all day. Instead, we can read annoying Webtoons during lunch time while waiting for a doctor's appointment or even during lunch break. We still have time. What we don't like. That being said, there are a lot of exciting web comics out there, and they can quickly be overwhelming. To get into this amazing type, here are some tips you should follow.

1.           Delusion

Before Hongjacga created "Space Sweeper" (the manhwa that inspired the Netflix series), he created this gripping story about an artist commissioned to paint a portrait of a beautiful but single woman. This illusion combines intriguing mystery, bittersweet romance, and supernatural horror to have a huge impact. If you don't like the large amount of action in thrillers, but prefer the psychological version of the genre, then this webcomic is for you. What could be better? closure! You can enjoy the story of this doomed woman from beginning to end. If you want to quit.

2.           Shotgun Boy

Carnby Kim wrote several disturbing Manhwa, including the bastard story about the son of a serial killer and the sweet home of a suicidal boy who tried to survive the end of the world when people became monsters with other residents of his apartment building. . ...If the latter sounds familiar to you, there are good reasons: like "Space Sweeper", "Sweet House" has also been adapted into the Netflix series, and "Shotgun Boy" is a part of "Sweet House" The prequel does not require any prior knowledge as a prequel...follow the boy who was bullied by his classmates. During a school trip, when he found a shotgun and ammunition, his situation changed. The question now is whether our protagonist will decide to save his comrades from their unfortunate fate.

3.           Fast Forward

Science fiction has given us some of the best thrillers manhwa, and fast forward is no exception. In this recently released webcomic, several people have been given time-based superpowers. The problem is that the owner can only be there once. What does that mean? In order to survive, people with these time-limited skills must find and kill others. Killing gave the killer his skills. It's simple, but our heroine didn't pay attention to her new state. After someone she trusted tried to kill her, she found out about it. Now she has to play the scariest game and catch up while alive. She may have an ally, but this relationship is risky. Finally, your new ally also has time-related skills. Doesn't that mean he must kill her in the end?

4.           It’s mine

At first glance, this is a story about a boy and his obsession with girls. Many people will be disappointed with this premise. This is understandable given how toxic relationships and the love interests of the bully polarize the plot elements. The first chapter of this series makes you wonder what this manhwa is about. What our protagonist Johan Do did may be for a reason, not just because he must defeat this girl at all costs and by all necessary means.

5.           Dear X

Just imagine: you are a high-profile actress, you have won performance awards, your fans love you very much, you are very beautiful, if this is not enough, you will have a wonderful wedding. You seem to be living a good life, but since this is a thriller, we know that the situation can be deceiving, as in the case of AjinBaek, when her past is revealed and we see extremes, her beloved actress His ideals seemed to collapse, and he was about to get what he wanted. Kdrama fans are very happy! What can you wait for? This webcomic is put together for customization.

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