9 Reasons Why Parents Prefer CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

9 Reasons Why Parents Prefer CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

Dec 1, 2021, 11:26:09 AM Opinion

The CBSE adopted a new motto in the academic year of 2019-2020: Learning by doing. The reason behind this was simple: To make learning an enjoyable activity. The CBSE school Abu Dhabi, which earlier focused on science, mathematics, social science, arts, physical education, and technology, has now included arts and humanities into its curriculum to make learning a truly enjoyable activity for its students. 

International schools in Abu Dhabi follow the CBSE curriculum because they believe in the overall development of their students. The focus is not just on academic performance but on building a strong foundation for their students that helps them find their unique identity and achieve success in every venture they undertake. The CBSE curriculum is well-recognized throughout the world for its practical approach to education. 

Let us take a look at the various reasons why parents prefer International schools in Abu Dhabi that follow the CBSE curriculum.

Unique and Innovative 9 Gems Framework:

The 9GEMS model is an award-winning program available only at this CBSE school in Abu Dhabi. It was created to help students evolve into well-rounded individuals. It focuses not only on academic performance but also gives importance to creativity, personality development, entrepreneurial skills, and vocational competencies as a means to career development. 

This program allows the students to discover their hidden talents through sports and extracurricular activities, which helps in their overall growth. Here are the 9 GEMS in detail.

Academic Excellence:

Rote learning is a thing of the past. Today, they give emphasis to understanding the concept through practical experience and exchanging ideas. This gives students a chance to analyze the concepts, comprehend their meaning, and try to implement them to truly understand their essence. The International School in Abu Dhabi follows a curriculum that encourages collaborations and project-based learning. Learning new concepts in this manner awakens curiosity in the students’ minds and kindles love for learning. 

Sports Excellence:

Sports are an essential part of education. These activities not only improve their physical stamina but also their problem-solving abilities and concentration. Whether indoor sports, or outdoor sports, these activities expose the students to situations that test their mettle, introduce them to sportsman spirit, and teach them the importance of collaboration and teamwork. 

Visual and Performing Arts:

The best international school in Abu Dhabi helps students to give vent to their creative energy through an array of art activities and art facilities. Activities that help students discover their creative sides and display their creative talents keep them excited and happy, thus improving their overall performance at school. Under the guidance of their teachers, students learn various performing arts and discover their hidden talents. These activities also offer them career opportunities to pursue in their later years. 

Personality Development:

A variety of activities and events have been drawn up at the CBSE school in Abu Dhabi to focus on personality development and character building. Sporting activities, social activities, and academic events give students a chance to hone their personalities, build their self-confidence, and work on themselves at a deeper level. 

Innovation and Creativity:

Innovative thinking and creative activities give students golden opportunities to think beyond academics. They discover their fields of interest, be it science, mathematics, technology, or the humanities. These activities help in the growth and progress of the students and introduce them to multiple strategies for analytical thinking and problem-solving. 

Entrepreneurship and Leadership:

Participation in interactive sessions where students need to think independently and express themselves, boldly, helps in making them confident and courageous. Studying a subject and expressing their views on different topics gives them the much-needed exposure to develop their leadership qualities. 

Universal Values and Ethics:

Developing the emotional and spiritual sides of students is essential for their overall growth and personality development. With the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and his principles of peace and non-violence, and stimulating activities, such as yoga, students are introduced to good values and ethics that help them become sensitive human beings.

Peace is a much-needed concept in our world today. Therefore, activities that introduce these values help in making model citizens for the future. 

Community and Care:

Through social activities, such as charity drives and green initiatives, they teach students the importance of caring for the society they live in. Instilling in them the importance of conservation of resources and caring for the environment helps students understand the need for following an environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Skills Development:

Training students in developing their soft skills prepares them for the future. It also enhances their academic portfolio. Various SMART programs also help instill real-life skills that develop their overall personality. 


Apart from academic excellence, the best CBSE school in Abu Dhabi aims for the overall development of its students. By inculcating the right values and providing ample opportunities through sports and extracurricular activities, this school helps students develop into well-rounded individuals who will lead the world towards a better tomorrow.

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