The Ultimate Guide To Sending Your Kid To Kindergarten School

The Ultimate Guide To Sending Your Kid To Kindergarten School

Dec 31, 2021, 5:21:48 PM News

Parents are under a lot of stress when the time of admitting their kids to a kindergarten school arrives. When you take your kid for admission at a school, both you and your kid will be asked a bunch of questions. Even though it seems quite daunting, you will be able to ace the interview with a little dedication. Browse through the article and find out the probable questions that can be asked.

FAQs For Your Kid At The Kindergarten School

  • Name: The initial question that will be asked to your kid is their name. Your kid should be able to tell their name clearly for a good first impression in front of the interviewer. Teach your kid to say their name in a full sentence. The interviewer might call your kid’s name and see if they respond. It will give the interviewer an idea about the responsiveness of your kid.
  • Age: The interviewer will also try to find out if your child is aware of their age. They might also ask your kid about their birth date. If your kid is able to answer that, a better impression will be created.
  • Shape and colour: Your kid will be shown some shapes and colours at the kindergarten school interview. If they are able to answer, it will help in analyzing your child’s identification skills.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Your kid might be asked to sing some nursery rhymes at the interview. Teach your child as many nursery rhymes as you can. But the chances are they will be asked to sing the one that’s their favourite. If your child can sing the nursery rhymes with facial expressions and hand gestures, it will be a plus point. Singing nursery rhymes will help the interviewer understand the memorization skills and speech clarity of your kid.
  • Passing Things: Your kid might be asked to bring a toy from a different corner in the room. It will help the interviewer determine if your kid is capable of understanding instructions. It will show if your kid is able to follow orders.
  • Family: Your kid may be asked who all are present in their family. It is a good idea to teach your kid the names of different family members. Knowing about their family can increase your kid’s chance of cracking the school admission interview.

FAQs For Parents At Abu Dhabi Indian School Muroor

After the interviewer is done asking questions to the kid, they might ask a few questions to the parents. Asking questions to the parents helps in getting an idea about the child’s upbringing.

  • Names: Both parents will be required to introduce themselves. It is asked in the beginning to make you comfortable.
  • Educational Qualifications: Both parents need to tell the interviewer about their degrees and qualifications. It gives an idea about the background of the parents. It is also a measure to identify how much value is given to education in the kid’s family.
  • Professional Background: The parents are expected to tell if both of them are working or not. It helps in understanding how much time and attention you will be able to give your kids.
  • Description of your kid: Parents are often required to describe their kids in an interview at an Abu Dhabi Indian school Muroor. You should focus on your child’s likes and dislikes. You also need to uphold your child’s behavior and personality in front of the interviewer. It will enable the interviewer to understand how much you know about them.
  • Family Type: Parents are often asked if they live in a neutral family or joint family. The environment in which your child grows up plays a crucial role in designing their behavior and personality.
  • Toilet Training: Parents need to answer if their kid is toilet-trained. You should not lie while answering this question. It is usually asked to find out if your child will need any help in the washroom.
  • The reason behind choosing Abu Dhabi Indian school Muroor: You will be required to answer why you are willing to admit your child to the school. It helps the interviewer understand what your expectations from the school are.

Begin Preparations For Your Kid’s Admission In Nursery School Today

It is quite normal if you are perplexed about your kid’s admission to nursery school. You will have to be calm and make your kid feel confident about the interview. You should not put pressure on your kid for cracking the interview.

Nursery school is the place where your kids will learn and develop skills. The interviewer will not expect your child to know everything when they ask questions at the interview. You can practice the questions discussed above and see if your kid is able to answer them. Hopefully, both you and your child will ace the interview.

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