Sep 14, 2016, 12:32:41 AM Opinion

Whoever isn’t in a cage is free,

You can stroll, fly or go deep down in the sea,

Being in limits is never a choice,

Curtailment never made moments of joys.


Being a slave is not the alternative,

Say no; break the rules, no need to be cooperative.

Great brains have never achieved in cage,

They wrote and edited their life page by page.


“What others will think?” has killed the most dreams,

Living the mainstream has never been the mainstream,

Free people know how to live without remorse,

They know ships aren’t meant to stay at shores.


They fall, they rise, and they know how to repair,

Their freedom keeps them moving, sometimes here, sometimes there,

Total freedom is given only by death,

Appreciate every second of life, till the last breath.

Published by Sahil Sachdeva

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